An Influencer's Empire
The beginning of a series on the changing media landscape focuses on the new influencers and how they will change programmatic TV>
NBC Universal Launching Digital Content
NBC Universal looks to follow a similar business model to Netflix and Amazon by launching original digital video content
Vlambeer Offering Latest Game Through Twitch
The game will be available thhrough an API that ties in to Twitch
Zuckerberg Talks Facebook 'Failures'
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is also not too fond of the Secret app
Samsung's Big Spending On Marketing
Samsung's doing well with sales, but missing big data
'World of Tanks' Reinvents For Growth
The hit MMO World of Tanks is getting substantial updates this year, including a new clan mode
The Road Goes Ever On
Journey from Bag End with Lego The Hobbit all the way to Lake-town
Mountain Dew Makes Bottle Cap into a Tool
Fix your skateboard wheel with a Mountain Dew bottle
'Severed' is a Serious Trip
The creators of Guacamelee! and Mutant Blobs Attack are here with their latest tour de force
Batman's 75th Anniversary Celebrated
Strange Days takes the Dark Knight way, way back
Free-To-Play Games: The Future?
King Games' Tommy Palm believes that could be the case
PlayStation 4 Firmware Update Planned
The community manager for PlayStation Europe teases info about a new PS4 update
Toshiba's 4K Laptop Coming Next Week
Toshiba's new laptop with a 4K resolution screen will run you $1,500
Google Losing In Mobile Game Ads
A new survey from VentureBeat indicates Google isn't the first choicefor mobile game ads
Microsoft Rolls Out Xbox One Update
Microsoft's free update makes certain things easier with the Xbox One
Graphene: The Wonder Material
Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel yet pliable, with wondrous properties -- and could make its way into various electronics soon
This Week's [a]list Jobs - April 16
[a]list daily introduces more weekly job listings - this week NBC, Ubisoft, Dolby and more are hiring!
Mobile Games Make Money for Many
More than 247 companies in the USA make more than $1 million annually from mobile games, Newzoo finds
Lifesum nabs $6.7M in Series A Funding
The Quantified Self trend is here to stay
'Civilization' Boldly Goes Beyond the Stars
Leave Earth behind for a brand new Civilization
Vodafone Sends Two Retirees Flying
This #first experience is a heartwarming tale from Vodafone
'Pwnmeal' Takes Oatmeal to the Extreme!
Check out the "official porridge of eSports!”
Oreo Shows Off Snack Hacks
Chefs show us some unique Oreo recipes
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