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Apple Reportedly Developing iWatch

By | February 14, 2013 |

Reports are that Apple has 100 people working on its iWatch smartwatch device. The team is composed of hardware and software designers from the iPhone and iPad in addition to a staff from the company’s marketing group.

The contacts asked not to be identified as the plans are unannounced. The team’s size suggests Apple is moving beyond the experimentation phase in its development, according to the sources.

“The iWatch will fill a gaping hole in the Apple ecosystem,” wrote Bruce Tognazzini, a technology consultant and former Apple employee. “Like other breakthrough Apple products, its value will be underestimated at launch, then grow to have a profound impact on our lives and Apple’s fortunes.”

The watch will allegedly include some iOS functions and will link to the iPhone wirelessly. It is also believed that it will include Siri voice control support, notification support, mobile payment features, navigation support, and caller ID.

Josh Spencer, a fund manager at T. Rowe Price Group, says that Apple is right to invest in products such as watches, even if they don’t result in commercial products. “There’s more people that would wear an Apple watch than would wear Google glasses,” Spencer said.

Wearable devices for tracking fitness are already on the market from Nike, Fitbit and other manufacturers.

Source: Bloomberg