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Bulletstorm Maybe Helped By Fox News Attention

By | March 7, 2011 |

Epic Games President Mike Capps indicates that Bulletstorm has done pretty well for itself. This is certainly notable, considering that it’s a new IP, which is a notoriously hard sell in this current gaming climate.

“We got a reorder on day one from one of the big U.S. retailers that focuses on games,” said Capps. “So that was a pretty good feeling.”

“[Launching a new IP] is really hard. I read something that less than 1 percent¬†of console games this generation launched as new IP sold a million units, he added. So if you don’t sell a million units you lost money, basically. I’m pretty confident we’ll be on the good side of that [1 million] number. I’d rather sell Gears-type numbers that’d be fantastic.”

Bulletstorm got some negative publicity from a Fox News report about the game’s mature content. Whether this attention was good for the game or not, Capps answered it in two ways.

“There are two ways to answer the question. The first is what it does for Bulletstorm and the second is what it does for the industry. For what it did for Bulletstorm¬†. . . yes, there were people who were very excited about any attention at all. For a game that’s over-the-top, they probably helped sell more units than they convinced people to pick at us,” he said. “What was most exciting about it for me [was the reaction from the media in the industry defending us]. Every journalist said this Fox report is junk . . . It’s wonderful to see a media that’s defending free speech.”

“As for what it does for the industry as a whole I think it’s terrible, he noted. There are people who really respect Fox News’ opinions and look at that and are [convinced that video games are bad].”

Source: IndustryGamers