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Call of Duty Veteran Robert Bowling Executive Producing Breach & Clear

By | February 14, 2013 |

Gun Media has announced that Robert Bowling, the former Call of Duty creative strategist for Infinity Ward, will serve as executive producer on Breach & Clear. The mobile title is described as a hybrid tactical strategy game where you control spec-ops soldiers during the planning and execution stages intense missions.

“We’re hoping to change the conversation about what denotes a mobile game,” said Bowling. “With Breach & Clear, we’ve taken the design principles of creating a major console release and transferred that to a title that just so happens to be launching on mobile devices. Our focus is to take a gameplay experience and mechanic that is built from the ground up for mobile or touch control and enhance it with the depth and progression you’d expect from a AAA console release.”

“We’ve been looking forward to announcing Breach & Clear since the day we conceived it,” added Wes Keltner, Founder and Creative Director of Gun Media. “The collective mind at Gun, along with Robert Bowling’s vast experience in the console market has combined to create what we believe is a truly unique game that will test the minds and reflexes of military strategy fans everywhere.”