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EA Says Resource-Earning Mechanic ‘Not a Glitch’

By | February 13, 2013 |

Not soon after Dead Space 3 launched, it has been confirmed that there is an area of the game where players can essentially get an endless amount of items so long as they kept exiting and reentering this one room and picking up a certain item. This has received widespread attention, considering that the resources for crafting in the game can also be bought via micro-transactions.

This “exploit” prompted an interesting response from IP expert Sara Ludlam. “If you go into a baker’s to buy a bun and they give you the wrong change and you walk away knowing you have been given more change than you handed over in the first place, that’s theft,” said Sara to the BBC. “So, arguably if you go into this game knowing you are supposed to be paying for these weapons and you notice a glitch allows you to accumulate them without paying, that’s theft as well. But it is arguable because it’s a new area.”

EA itself, however, do not take such a severe view of the ability to generate resources like this. “The resource-earning mechanic in Dead Space 3 is not a glitch,” said EA representative Jino Talens. “We have no plans to issue a patch to change this aspect of the game. We encourage players to explore the game and discover the areas where resources respawn for free.“We’ve deliberately designed Dead Space 3 to allow players to harvest resources by playing through the game,” he added. “For those that wish to accumulate upgrades instantly, we have enabled an optional system for them to buy the resources at a minimal cost ($1-$3).”If EA really wanted to remove the ability to generate resources like this, they could eliminate it from the game with a patch. However, as they are aware of the way players could generate resources and are perfectly fine with players taking advantage of it, no penalties will be coming down to anyone, if that was even possible.