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IPhone Verizon Announcement Expected January 11

By | January 10, 2011 |

Reports are that the iPhone is coming to Verizon. A source familiar with the situation says that an announcement for Verizon on January 11 will be for an iPhone.

AT&T has had exclusive use of the iPhone since it was first introduced in June 2007. Despite the success that Apple has had with this arrangement, diversification will probably help them grow their business faster.

“It’s a big boost for Apple,” said Tim Ghriskey, chief investment officer of New York-based Solaris Asset Management. “It opens up a huge uninstalled base for them in this country.”

This is a major negative for AT&T if its true, but Sprint and T-Mobile are also losers with a Verizon iPhone. “This is the worst case scenario for the other carriers,” said Roger Entner of Recon Analytics. “When Verizon comes out with the iPhone, there’s only one carrier in the U.S. that will gain customers, and that’s Verizon.”

Source: Wall Street Journal