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Iron Man 2 Promotional Partners Spending Over $100 Million

By | April 9, 2010 |

Marketers are drooling over the chance to latch on to Marvel’s next blockbuster film, Iron Man 2. According to a detailed report about the film’s promotional partners on Variety, “the total promotional value, which includes images on soda cans and other packaging, as well as retail displays and comicbook giveaways, is expected to easily exceed $100 million, with some efforts running through the end of September.”

The movie has brought back many of the promotional partners that ponied up major cash for the first Iron Man, including Audi, LG Mobile, 7-Eleven, Dr. Pepper, Oracle and Burger King. Hershey Co.’ Reese’s brand, Royal Purple motor oil and Symantec’s Norton software have also partnered to support the film.

“This was not a hugely recognized superhero character,” Bob Sabouni, senior VP of business development and promotions for Marvel Entertainment told Daily Variety. “These partners got the mystique of the Marvel brand the first time around and took their faith in that. They were pretty well rewarded and are now stepping up their game and creating even better programs.”

Sega is publishing a game based on the movie, set to release on May 4. The movie hits theaters on May 7.