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Frontline Marketing

Kinect Therapy for Soldiers Being Tested

Lauren Arevalo-Downes   |  

Microsoft is working with the United States Air Force on using the Kinect as part of a home therapy physical suite program for injured soldiers. Microsoft also is considering ways the Kinect can be used to connect post-traumatic stress disorder sufferers with group therapy sessions.

“Microsoft is committing R&D and marketing resources to ensure that the [Defense Department] community is aware of the capabilities of the product, as well as the breadth of our partner community, which includes the system integrators,” said Microsoft director of public sector solutions Phil West. “The targeted scenarios include therapy-related functions, but they also span training and simulation, interactive user interfaces, and so on.”

“They can use avatars, which allows anonymity, but also allows for representatives who are therapists or licensed psychiatrists to connect with them,” West added. “Therapists can say, ‘I know who you are because I have your case file. No one else in the room has to see in your face.’ It gives a way to engage and talk through problems while preserving anonymity.”

Source: Defense News