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Mario Might Appear in Future Wreck-It Ralph Films

Lauren Arevalo-Downes   |  

Wreck-It Ralph features Nintendo characters like Bowser, but Mario and Luigi are absent. Director Rich Moore indicates that if the franchise has a future, Mario and characters like Link and Samus might just appear.

“I think to them that those are like their Mickey Mouse and I don’t know that they are, like Clark [Spencer, producer] said, if they are legally kind of bound by another project that they are working on or something…” said Moore. “I don’t know if they were like ‘No, we don’t want them in there. We are against them being in it,’ I just think that there are other things they are doing with them that made it difficult or impossible to get them in there and maybe it will be a situation like Barbie not being in the original Toy Story and then maybe after they see it, if all goes well, they will say ‘If you’re doing a sequel, we would like to have these guys in it,’ which we would love to have.”


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