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Social/Mobile Game Studio Founded By ‘de Blob’ Developers

By | February 17, 2012 |

A new game developer Twiitch, specializing in social and casual games, will launch its first Chillingo published title Coco Loco on March 8. The Australian developer was founded by veterans of THQ-owned Blue Tongue where they made de Blob, but CTO Shane Stevens and GM Steven Spagnolo left in 2010 to found Twiitch.

“The time was right. We watched the market very closely for the six years following our sale of Blue Tongue, basically not trusting where it was all going,” said Stevens. “Multi-year development cycles costing tens of millions of dollars just weren’t sustainable for all but a few. The release of the iPhone and the explosion of Facebook caused a strategic, permanent shift towards the casual market, and that’s where we wanted to be.”

“After six years, we could see the writing was on the wall for $30 million budget games, and wanted to start a fresh new company focusing our sharp technical skill on games which could appeal to the masses, on devices everyone has in their pocket,” he concluded.

Source: The Age