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Sony CEO Says Company Fortunes Improving

By | January 21, 2013 |

Sony narrowed its losses and increased its sales last year, but it’s still trailing competitors like Apple and Samsung in key areas. Sony CEO Kaz Hirai says that the company is on the right path and will try to be more nimble moving forward.

“We need to be a lot faster in decision making. We need to be a lot faster in execution. We need to be passionate about our product,” Hirai said. “Are we perfect No. But I think we’ve improved significantly.”

Hirai says that he will make sure that innovative projects get the greenlight, highlighting Sony’s new waterproof, full-HD cellphone, set to go on sale around the world in the next few months. Also important will be 4K or “ultra-HD” TV sets, though Hirai acknowledged it may take as long as a decade for the technology to catch on.