Visa, a major sponsor of the 2016 Olympic Games, has launched a 360-degree story experience featuring 12 inspirational vignettes. “Celebrating the acceptance of everyone, everywhere,” Visa’s slogan for its campaign applies to both the diverse athletes under sponsorship, as well as the claim that Visa cards are accepted in more places than anywhere else.

Viewable on desktop yet designed for mobile, the Rio 2016 campaign offers a 360-degree experience allowing users to rotate the menu, set against a panoramic view of Rio. Each of the 12 stories feature an idea, such as diversity in religion or gender. Once a story has been selected, users must simulate one of three methods of paying with Visa—waving, swiping or dipping an interactive image of a credit card, where users are briefly educated on how to use the card without being overly intrusive to the stories. The site is also designed to be viewed in portrait mode, so users don’t have to tilt their phones while navigating stories.

The stories themselves are each about 15 seconds long and vary from slide shows to video, each with its own message. “Diversity fuels competition, raises bars and shatters records. It goes beyond race, gender, age or ability,” one slide show reads.

Every story ends with a variation of Visa’s message of diversity, such as “all genders accepted here,” or “all ideas accepted here.” Users can then share the experience with others via Facebook and Twitter.

Visa 360 website

With 60 athletes, 2016 Team Visa is the most expansive group of Olympic and Paralympic athletes that the financial company has supported to date. The team has grown by 62 percent since the last Olympic Games, with athletes representing a range of 26 sports, from diving and dressage to taekwondo and table tennis. This year’s Team Visa includes the 10 competitors on the International Olympic Committee’s first-ever team of Refugee Olympic athletes.

“The refugee Olympic athletes are inspiring the world with their incredible stories of perseverance and bravery, overcoming great odds to get to the top of their respective sports and compete on the world’s stage,” Chris Curtin, Visa’s chief marketing innovation and brand officer, said in a press release. “These athletes, who will march with the Olympic flag at the Opening Ceremony in Rio, are a powerful addition to the Team Visa family, each embodying Visa’s belief in acceptance for everyone, everywhere.”

The “360-degrees of Acceptance” experience has been released in 81 markets in seven different languages. The site launched last week, but Visa declined to comment on traffic or sharing activity so far. Visa is no stranger to 360-degree experiences, having launched an interactive app for the 2014 Winter Olympics, allowing viewers to “train” alongside athletes from their mobile device.

Visa also used 360-degree videos earlier this year to profile NFL rookies Paxton Lynch, Braxton Miller, Shaq Lawson and Jaylon Smith ahead of the NFL Draft.