Akaneiro Reaches Kickstarter Goal

By David Radd

Posted February 5, 2013

Spicy Horse Games announced that Akaneiro: Demon Hunters cleared it's Kickstarter goal of $200,000 with $204,680 pledged. The developers of Alice: Madness Returns, BigHead Bash and American McGee's Grimm will be able to speed up development and add features like co-op, crafting, Linux support, and iOS/Android versions of the action RPG.

"We spent most of the weekend on the Akaneiro launch and helping push the Kickstarter over the finish line, so we haven't had a chance to work out an exact roadmap yet, that's something we'll be looking at in the next few weeks" said American McGee, CEO of Spicy Horse Games. "However, during the Kickstarter, we asked the players what they wanted and they decided: They want co-op and crafting now and Linux and tablet (iOS/Android) support as soon as possible. While we didn't make our stretch goal, we heard the 'don't forget us!' from Ouya supporters loud and clear."

Read more about Akaneiro in this exclusive interview on [a]list.


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