Apple and Google Considering Mobile Patent Arbitration

By David Radd

Posted November 19, 2012

Apple and Google are reportedly looking at arbitration for their mobile patent conflicts. The companies are considering trading proposals on a licensing agreement over essential smartphone technologies.

“We have long sought a path to resolving patent issues and we welcome the chance to build on the constructive dialogue between our companies,” Google General Counsel Kent Walker said in a filed letter to Apple. “While we prefer to seek a framework for a global (rather than piecemeal) resolution that addresses all of our patent disputes, we are committed to reaching agreement on a license for our respective standard-essential patents.”

“Apple's goal has always been to find a mutual and transparent process to resolve this dispute on terms that are fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory without the threat or taint of exclusionary remedies,” Apple General Counsel Bruce Sewell said in a letter to Google.

Source: Bloomberg


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