Facebook Hub for App Makers

By Scott Meldrum

Posted February 8, 2013

Facebook has launched Developers Live, a new destination where developers can educate themselves on best practices for bringing apps to the platform.  The service is described as a curated video channel by Facebook and will feature live, recorded and interactive broadcasts geared towards app maker education. 

Facebook positioned the new channel as the “central place to learn about the latest tools and to get access to the product managers and engineers who created them.” 

Developers Live is for mobile developers, game developers, websites and publishers, essentially any third-party product or service provider who wants optimized integration with the platform and maximized exposure to users.  Examples of what tutorials will address include app discovery and audience growth, better web to mobile transition, and best practices to drive traffic to product – all from the mouths of industry and Facebook experts. 

Facebook director of product management Doug Purdy will host the service’s first live event “What Developers Need to Know in 2013” on February 19. Interested users can RSVP or watch the first live event here.

Source: Facebook


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