GameStop Halts PS4 Pre-Orders

By Brian Bishop

Posted July 10, 2013

The prospect of launch console shortages is rearing its head.  Due to volume of demand for PlayStation 4, GameStop has been forced to halt taking pre-orders and start putting people on wait lists.  

GameStop claims that all of the systems they had allocated for sale at launch are now accounted for. Customers that remain interested in pre-ordering the system can still find it available at other retailers, and they can also sign up for a notification list that will let users know if more consoles are available. 

GameStop isn't the first retailer to run out of pre-orders for the PS4. Toys R Us has already run out of launch systems and shut down pre-orders. Other retailers such as Best Buy are still offering the systems, though Amazon is only promising delivery of PS4 systems at launch if customers buy a game for the PS4 in addition to the console.

As for the competition, according to IGN, Best Buy is no longer accepting pre-orders for Xbox One (the product page says 'sold out online'). For now, the Xbox One is still available for pre-order on Amazon as well as Wal-Mart, Target and GameStop.



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