Kickstarter Games Grow 30%

By Robert Workman   Google+

Posted January 10, 2014

We already informed you about KickStarter's record year in earnings, grossing nearly $480 million in various projects over the last year from over 3 million people. What may surprise you, however, is how much of that was made up from video game projects.

Video games attracted over $57 million in pledges across 446 successfully funded projects, an increase of around30 percent  from 2012's $44 million across 297 campaigns. That increase shows that there's continued public faith in the model, rather than the fatigue-driven backlash which some had predicted, according to analyst ICO Partners' Thomas Bidaux. Interestingly, tabletop games brought in almost as much. 

"So far, there have been 5.4m individual people that have backed a project on Kickstarter," Bidaux explained to GamesIndustry International. "However, there have only been about 800,000 individuals backing a video game project. It is impressive that so much money has been pledged for video games considering that number of individual backers. They gave, on average, $120 to video games each. It also means that 10 per cent of them have backed Double Fine Adventures."

2014 should be an even bigger year, with more independent developers coming out of the woodwork with new or revamped projects. The KickStarter boom hasn't faded, not by any means.

Source: GamesIndustry International


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