Gearbox CEO Thinks that Game Industry Ecosystem will Diversify

By David Radd

Posted February 13, 2013

Gearbox CEO and president Randy Pitchford thinks that the future of gaming will be cross platform, where particular devices matter less. He cited the example of how for movies, you can stream it to your phone or pay for a movie ticket.

"It's going to get even more diverse and more complex," said Pitchford. "Some people look at a trend and think 'that means it's going to all end up wherever this line's headed.' We all know that's not correct. We could take ourselves out of our industry to get more objective about it."

"All of that will coexist, and that's just movies. Then you add television into it, all the different ways we can get and access television, all the different ways it can be monetized,” he added. “That medium is already way more complex than the different angles we have in the video game industry, and that's going to get more complex. And so will ours. That's great. It's just a lively ecosystem with a lot of choices and a lot of different ways to consume and deliver content."

Source: IGN


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