GoG.com Thinks Heavy Discounting Hurts Games

By David Radd

Posted April 12, 2012

Steam tends to aggressively discount the price of their games, sometimes by as much as 80 percent. According to GoG.com's managing director Guillaume Rambourg and head of marketing Trevor Longino, this doesn't do consumers or publishers any favors.

"Of course, you make thousands and thousands of sales of a game when it's that cheap, but you're damaging the long-term value of your brand because people will just wait for the next insane sale," they said. "Slashing the price of your game is easy. Improving the content of your offer when you release your game, that's more ambitious."

"Heavy discounts are bad for gamers, too," they added. "If a gamer buys a game he or she doesn't want just because it's on sale, they're being trained to make bad purchases, and they're also learning that games aren't valuable. We all know gamers who spend more every month on games than they want to, just because there were too many games that were discounted too deeply. That's not good for anyone."

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun


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