Mobile Ad Revenue Spikes

By Brian Bishop

Posted July 10, 2013

As the global population increasingly acquires smartphones, advertising is also becoming more effective on mobile. According to new data from the US Interactive Advertising Bureau and IHS, worldwide mobile advertising revenue reached a staggering $8.9 billion last year. The firm found revenues were up 82.9 percent up from the year before, thanks in large part to the boom in smartphone usage worldwide.

With that global growth, the prominence of mobile advertising and the number of users clicking on ads are rising rapidly, as is revenue from search advertising. The report found that about $4.7 billion of ad revenue in 2012 came from searches, a 111 percent jump over 2011.

In breaking down mobile ad revenue by region, Asia-Pacific accounted for just over 40 percent with $3.55 billion dollars. North America was not far behind with just under 40 percent and $3.52 billion.

Source: GigaOm


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