Netflix Down During Holidays

By David Radd

Posted January 2, 2013

Over the Christmas holiday, the Netflix Instant streaming service went down. While it did eventually come back, it took over 20 hours – in the meantime, people came up with some clever quips relating to the service being down.

"So @netflix is down? Great. Now everybody has to talk to their annoying family,” tweeted Chris D'Elia.

"So depressed about Netflix being down that all I wanna do is lie on the couch and watch Netflix,” noted Jess Dweck.

"Thanks to @netflix outage we can likely expect a moderate population explosion in nine months,” theorized Joel Braverman.

"Some kid probably asked Santa for #Netflix to be down so his parents would pay attention to him. Leave me out of your problems, kid," sarcastically said George Jalloh.



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