Piracy Feeding Publisher Caution, says 3DS Developer

By David Radd

Posted January 11, 2013

Peter Ong, co-founder of Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion developer DreamRift, thinks that the threat of piracy has harmed innovation on the 3DS. He thinks that it has resulted in a glut of “sports/licensed/sequel games".

"The publishers' fear was that, in a climate where piracy is commonplace, original games and new mechanics are far less likely to be successful than games based on previously successful mechanics, established licenses, sequels, and sports," said Ong. "There's a perception that the parents/grandparents/non-enthusiast/mainstream/etc. are less likely to go about pirating games. Now, I want to make this point loud and clear: Regardless of whether it's true that enthusiast/hardcore gamers are more likely to pirate than mainstream gamers, the fact that publishers believe it to be true has a very real, unfortunate and ugly impact on games."

Pushmo, among the minority of original game ideas on 3DS

"I am definitely taking notice," he added, "because the day that I have no option but to make a sports game is the day that I must look for a new profession."

Source: Gamasutra


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