Show the Love With Your Mech

By A-List Daily Staff

Posted February 12, 2013

Hawken is celebrating Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year with the Hearts of Fire promotion.

Valentine's Day: LESSTHAN-3 and AU-REVOIR


Pilots will be able to purchase any of the camouflages permanently, and it will automatically become available to all present and future mechs the pilot may own; no need to purchase them individually. The thruster will also be available for purchase, but it is on a per-mech basis.

To fill Hawken with these seasonal styles, pilots will be able to "rent" the Hearts of Fire items for free. These free rentals will expire on February 19. Also, as a token of love to the Hawken community, pilots will be able to claim the LESSTHAN-3 Valentine's Day camo for free, also until February 19.

These cosmetic items will leave the shop when Hearts of Fire ends on February 26. Get yours before they're gone!



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