Tera Rises to Free-to-Play

By David Radd

Posted January 10, 2013

En Masse announced that the MMORPG Tera is making the switch to free-to-play. The switchover will happen in February 2013 and anyone who put money into the game (now called Tera Rising) before will have founder benefits in the form of character slots, bank tabs, a “Founder” title and more.

Free players have two free slots and have no restrictions on the sort of content they can accesss or level they can achieve. However, those who subscribe as “elite” players will receive extra dungeon rewards, 10 bonus quests per day, a daily delivery of items and boosts, an elite mount, in-game store discounts, waived brokerage registration taxes, and more.

Find out more at Tera.EnMasse.com/free.


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