The Great and Powerful Chrome Experiment

By A-List Daily Staff

Posted February 6, 2013

A new Chrome Experiment Find Your Way To Oz inspired by the upcoming feature film Oz The Great and Powerful brings together Disney’s unique storytelling tradition and the power of the web platform, allowing users to interact with the web in a completely new way.  The experience will take users through an interactive journey through a Kansas circus, which leads you to the land of Oz after you are swept up by a massive storm.”















The desktop version of “Find Your Way To Oz” uses many of the open web’s more advanced features like immersive graphics, rich 3D audio and camera based interactions where users can become circus characters or record their own mini-movies.


The experiment’s mobile web version also uses cutting-edge web technologies such as accelerated 3D transforms and sprite sheets as well as mobile hardware features like camera, multi-touch, gyroscope and accelerometer. Together they create an experience that can normally only be found in native apps.

 To learn more about how this experiment was built, read the technical case study.



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