Twitch Adds Turbo Subscription Service

By David Radd

Posted February 5, 2013

Twitch has announced the launch of the Twitch Turbo service, which will be available for $8.99. The video community for gamers will give users access to Twitch ad free and also grant them exclusive chat badges, emoticons, and colors.

“The Twitch community loves watching video games, chatting, and broadcasting,” said Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch. “The average viewer watches over an hour and a half of video each day! Over two-thirds of our logged-in users chat each day. We wanted to find a way to provide the ultimate Twitch experience: Twitch Turbo. We're very excited to launch it, and we'll be looking to the community to help us make Twitch Turbo even … ultimatier.”



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