Twitch.TV Streaming Coming to Origin

By David Radd

Posted November 8, 2012

Electronic Arts has partnered with Twitch.TV to allow live-streaming of games on Origin. The update is expected to be available soon, with Origin beta users the first that will be able to access it.

“We’re proud to announce that Origin is partnering with Twitch, and today we’re launching phase one of this integration. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can now broadcast your gaming session live, directly to your Twitch channel, for gamers around the world to view. With the combined power of Origin and Twitch, it’s never been easier to take your own gameplay online, in real-time,” announced EA. “To start broadcasting, just start playing a game, then bring up Origin In Game by hitting Shift+F1 (or whatever keystroke you’ve chosen for your Origin In Game Hotkey). You’ll notice a camera icon has been added to the bottom of this screen.”



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