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A Hobbit Feast

By | December 5, 2012 |

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has opened a site called Recipes of Middle-Earth which features official as well as fan-submitted takes on what delicious meals and snacks one might encounter during a journey through Tolkien’s world.

Fellow travelers, we welcome you to sample this collection of recipes for authentic Middle-earth cuisine cultivated by the Dwarf Company’s heartiest appetite. Give each dish a rating, and submit your own recipes for others to enjoy and appraise too!

Recipe categories include:


Appetizers & Sides

Soups & Salads

Main Course

Sweets & Treats

So far, available recipes range from main courses titled ‘Gollum’s Stuffed Liver Fish’ and ‘Dragon’s Strength’ to treats such as ‘Bilbo’s Biscuits’ and ‘Dwarves’ Dumplings.’ The site features Bombur, a food-loving member of the treasure-hunting band Bilbo joins with in his unexpected adventure.