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Get Ready For The Hunt

By | December 4, 2012 |

At the official site for Zero Dark Thirty, a brief mini-game experience puts you in the role as a member of the CIA being tested to see if you have what it takes. Play Covert Ops {link no longer active} to find out if you have the level of courage, mental strength, and grace under pressure reserved for only a select few. Test your skills in this series of challenges; each exercise will be scored based on time and accuracy. Retry the experience again and again to try and get a better score. Connect via Facebook to share progress and invite friends.

Sort through vital information instantly and accurately to determine how you would succeed in the field. For this challenge, you will be briefly shown nine people. Are they friends or foes You decide.

When you’re an agent in the field, accuracy and confidence in your decisions are everything. Watch a brief surveillance video and click to decide who you believe is the person of interest.

As an elite agent, courage will only get you so far. Engage your powers of reason and deduction to positively identify the members of an enemy organization and their individual roles.