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Wreck It Ralph ‘Game Jumps’ To iOS

By | November 6, 2012 |

Disney promos for Wreck-It Ralph have included a few treats for old-school gamers, from actually developing the Fix It Felix Jr. game from the film and putting arcade cabinets in theaters to producing a mock 1982 TV ad for it. Now along with the almost compulsory console games aimed at kids, Disney has an iOS game.

The 99-cent app features the “original” arcade game and the ones Ralph ‘game jumps’ into in the film, Sugar Rush and Hero’s Duty. As far as homages to classic arcade games go, Fix It Felix Jr. is spot on. Hero’s Duty is a top down shooter, think Smash TV (or Robotron to the really ‘old-core’). Sugar Rush has elements of Doodle Jump.

Look for a video interview this week in [a]list daily featuring Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore, where he talks about how involved he was with the development of the arcade game.