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YouTube, For Lovers And Haters

By | February 15, 2013 |

Yesterday YouTube posted six Valentine’s Day playlists featuring 69 videos (good one, guys) that offered something for everyone, whether those gushing with romance or wallowing in misery on the lover’s holiday.

YouTube holds a special place in its virual heart for Valentine’s Day.  The platform was conceived on February 14, registering its web domain name on that day.

YouTube’s cupid for the job this year,Trends Manager Kevin Allocca, kicked things off with this quip: “Whether you’re toasting St. Valentine with champagne and long-stemmed roses or fighting off nausea at the sight of every teddy bear and heart-shaped cupcake, YouTube is the place to be. This is all rather apropos given YouTube’s roots.”

The playlists are still accessible. There are interesting information bites – wondering where the term “friend zone” came from An episode of “Friends,” actually. Curious how the brain looks like when a person is in love It’s hard to describe.

The rest of the collection offers romantic videos such as most-viewed marriage proposals and love songs along with addictive if painful compilations such as marriage proposal fails, bad pickup lines {video no longer available} and examples of how oblivious, and sometimes lame, people can be to the outside world when they’re madly in love. {video no longer available}

Source: YouTube