Eve Online Riots, CCP Responds

This past weekend, Eve Online gamers started rioting and attacking in-game trading stations in response to new micro-transaction policies by CCP Games. Senior Producer of Eve Online Arnar Hrafn Gylfason took to the official game’s blog to address the lingering issue in the online game.

“The opinions and views expressed in [the newsletter] Fearless are just that; opinions and views. They are not CCP policy nor are they a reliable source of CCP views as a company. The employees who submitted articles to that newsletter did exactly what they were asked to do, write about theories and opinions from an exaggerated stand,” said Gylfason. “While it s perfectly fine to disagree and attack CCP over policies or actions we take, we think it s not cool how individuals that work here have been called out and dragged through the mud due to something they wrote in the internal company newsletter. Seriously, these people were doing their jobs and do not deserve the hate and ****storm being pointed at them.”

“We will gradually introduce items at other price points, definitely lower and probably higher than what s in the store today. We hope you enjoy them and are as passionate about them as you are of the current items that are for sale,” he added. “I hope I’ve addressed your concerns and cleared up a lot of the issues you re having. We ll continue monitoring the forums and other communications channels and pick up and reply if there are concerns not covered by this blog.

Source eveonline.com

OnLive President Says, ‘No Way To Pirate A Cloud Based Game’

Things like used game sales and piracy causes a lot of consternation for those in the AAA games industry. However, OnLive CEO Steve Perlman thinks that cloud gaming is the solution to many of the industry’s woes.

“With videogames what you’re talking about with a total addressable market is how many Xbox 360s, or how many PlayStation 3s right OnLive is different,” said Perlman. “Our total addressable market is much more similar to that of a television channel, or perhaps Netflix or LoveFilm. People will begin to stop thinking about videogames as a type of software tied to a particular platform, and begin to think about video games as a type of media, the same way we think about television or music or pictures or the written word. The thing that’s interesting about those is video games and the videogame industry first of all OnLive does what the cloud has done for all the other industries in making it so it can reach everywhere but video games are in a very special place. Although the cloud does that for distribution, in terms of every other industry unfortunately it makes it easier to pirate all other types of linear media, the written word and things like that.”

“When it comes to videogames, there’s no way to pirate a cloud based game,” added Perlman. “Because the game is not running locally, it’s running in the cloud. And there’s also no used games, so the margins zoom up for them. And what that means of course for the consumers is that prices can come down. From the publishers point of view they want to sell as many of these as they can and right now it’s tough because they have this cliff right after the game’s released because the used game market begins to carve into all their sales. It gets harder and harder to sell new games after they’ve been out for a couple of months. And then of course, especially on the PC side, but also now on Xbox 360, they’re getting increasing amounts of piracy and it’s easier to distribute through bit torrent and so forth.”

Source: GamesIndustry.biz

Resident Evil 3DS Title Fine For Pre-Owned Sales

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries is an anticipated upcoming 3DS title, however it will not allow users to reset its saved game data. This measure seems to possibly be a measure against the pre-owned market, though Capcom says this will not impair consumers to trade-in their games.

“The game s value at second hand in the U.K. is not affected by whether or not the game can have its data reset,” said a Capcom spokesperson. “Customers in the U.K. will not experience a reduced second-hand value should they wish to trade in their purchase.”

Source: MCV

Video Games Prevail In Supreme Court Case

In a 7 to 2 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court held up the lower court’s decision on Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants Association. The Californian law would have made selling violent video games to minors illegal, required a warning sticker on the package of all violent games with fines retailers up to $1,000 for each infraction.

“Like the protected books, plays, and movies that preceded them, video games communicate ideas-and even social messages-through many familiar literary devices (such as characters, dialogue, plot, and music) and through features distinctive to the medium (such as the player’s interaction with the virtual world), wrote Justice Scalia in the majority opinion. That suffices to confer First Amendment protection. Under our Constitution, ‘esthetic and moral judgments about art and literature . . . are for the individual to make, not for the Government to decree, even with the mandate or approval of a majority’.”

Game consumers, developers and publishers all applauded the decision, as did a chorus of representative agencies from around the entertainment industry. EMA welcomes today s Supreme Court ruling that let stand the Court of Appeals decision finding the California video game restriction law to be unconstitutional, said Bo Andersen, CEO of Entertainment Merchants Association. We are gratified that our position that the law violates the First Amendment s guarantee of freedom of expression has been vindicated and there now can be no argument whether video games are entitled to the same protection as books, movies, music, and other expressive entertainment.

This is a historic and complete win for the First Amendment and the creative freedom of artists and storytellers everywhere, announced Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association. Today, the Supreme Court affirmed what we have always known that free speech protections apply every bit as much to video games as they do to other forms of creative expression like books, movies and music. The Court declared forcefully that content-based restrictions on games are unconstitutional; and that parents, not government bureaucrats, have the right to decide what is appropriate for their children.

ESRB welcomes the Supreme Court s decision in this case, especially given its validation of the ESRB rating system as an effective and reliable tool that parents use to decide which video games are appropriate for their children and family, said Entertainment Software Rating Board president Patricia Vance. Today s decision acknowledges the value and effectiveness of the ESRB rating system, the Federal Trade Commission s positive assessment of our self-regulatory regime, and the latest research showing that game retailers overwhelmingly enforce their voluntary store policies regarding the sale of Mature-rated games. In striking this law the Court has made clear that the video game industry effectively empowers parents to be the ones to decide which games are right for their children.”

Coca-Cola Unveils Green Billboard

Coca-Cola Philippines and the World Wide Fund for Nature have unveiled a 60 x 60 ft. plant billboard that is made up of Fukien tea plant. The purpose of this is to absorb air pollutants; botanist Anthony Gao estimates each plant can absorb up to 13 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year, on the average.

“We are proud that we have brought to life the first plant billboard in the country,”said Guillermo Aponte, president of Coca-Cola Philippines. “It is an embodiment of our company’s Live Positively commitment to making a positive difference in the world by incorporating sustainability into everything that we do. With this, we hope to inspire Filipinos to join us in our journey, because we know that together, we can make a positive impact.”

The billboard was built with recycled materials, including over 3,600 planters made up of old Coca-Cola products. The plants are watered by a drip irrigation system.

“We’re grateful for Coca-Cola Philippines’ commitment to a partnership with WWF, focusing on water stewardship and climate protection,” said Lory Tan, president and CEO of WWF. “Through these partnerships, we will work to help Coca-Cola Philippines achieve its Live Positively environmental targets and strive together towards environmental sustainability in the Philippines.”

Source: WWF.org

Forza 4 Limited Collector’s Edition Detailed

Microsoft has announced the details of the Limited Collector’s Edition of Forza Motorsport 4. The polished Steelbook DVD Case will include five cars in a “VIP Car Pack” and those who order the game early will receive another five in the “Ship Bonus” car pack.

“The Limited Collector’s Edition will also include a ten-car add-on pack featuring a selection of the best classic American muscle cars. In addition, there will be custom-designed BMW cars (also available for purchase at launch on Xbox Live Marketplace) selected as part of the ‘Forza Motorsport 4 BMW Design Challenge,’ as well as ‘Cars of Forza Motorsport 4 Presented by Top Gear,’ a gorgeous 96-page volume written by the editors at Top Gear,” says the release by Microsoft. “It features 96-pages of fantastic imagery both from Forza 4 and from Top Gear’s extensive photo library, as well as insightful commentary accompanying the in-game Autovista experience. Other goodies include: a set of vinyl stickers featuring the logos of Forza Motorsport 4, Top Gear and Turn 10; VIP Membership status within the Forza community including special recognition in the Forza community, leaderboards, ForzaMotorsport.net and more; and an exclusive BMW theme available for download via Xbox Live Marketplace.”

“In addition to all the sweet stuff above, one of best reasons to get the LCE version of Forza 4 is the 2012 BMW M5, unveiled for the first time as the newest addition to the Forza 4 lineup at this weekend’s 24 Hour of Nürburgring race event in Germany,” continued the release. “The new BMW M5 will be drivable first in Forza Motorsport 4 and will also be featured on the cover of the LCE version of the game. That means the stunning super-sedan will be automatically included in the LCE version of Forza 4, and all Xbox Live members will be able to download the car to drive. In addition, fans will be able to explore the meticulous design and impeccable execution of the BMW M5 via Autovista mode, where Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson will take fans on a virtual tour of the world’s most sought-after cars.”

Source: forzamotorsport.net

Duke Nukem Censored Curse In View Of Church, Elementary School

Outdoor advertising can be important, but it can also backfire if there’s poor placement. Witness this Duke Nukem Forever billboard withing close viewing distance of the Second Community Baptist Church and Westminster Elementary School in Venice, Los Angeles.


City Councilman Bill Rosendahl contacted the billboard’s operator Lamar Advertising after hearing multiple complaints, and they removed the billboard.

Source: banbillboardblight.org

Virtual World Entropia Sees $26,500 In Sales For Three Pirate Ships

Jon ‘Neverdie’ Jacobs continues to live the virtual life many people fantasize about, for their real life. After escaping from prision in the Rocktopia Virtual World, he paid $9,000 in real money for the Pirate Mothership Revenge; the Victory and Fortune, were sold for $9,000 and $8,500 during an auction on the same day in Entropia Universe.

Revenge is Sweet when it comes in the form of a Space Pirate Ship said Jacobs. “Like most kids I dreamed of having my own Space Ship and when you pay $9,000 for a virtual spacecraft it makes it very real, especially when the plunder in space has a real cash value and can be worth tens of thousands of U.S. dollars and when the damage you take after a battle costs you real money to repair.  With my new pirate ship I m especially excited to engage the legion of Neverdie haters in a way other celebrities can only dream about; I plan to kick their virtual asses!”

LulzSec ‘Sailing Into Distance’

LulzSec, and infamous group of hackers that have made headlines for their online raids on Sony, international government agencies and other sites, announced that they would be ceasing their activities. Only recently, they threatened to expand their attacks with the help of Anonymous.

“Our planned 50-day cruise has expired, and we must now sail into the distance, leaving behind — we hope — inspiration, fear, denial, happiness, approval, disapproval, mockery, embarrassment, thoughtfulness, jealousy, hate, even love, said the group in a statement. If anything, we hope we had a microscopic impact on someone, somewhere. Anywhere.”

The disbanding comes after three suspected hackers were arrested in Spain and one in the U.K.

Source: Reuters