Modern Warfare 3 Fueled By Mountain Dew, Doritos

PepsiCo has announced that it is launching a new promotion with Activision. On October 10, gamers who buy Mountain Dew or Doritos will be able to redeem codes found on the products for slots of “double XP time” in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer games.

“For many of our gamers, Call of Duty and Mountain Dew go hand in hand, and together we wanted to deliver gamers a one-of-a-kind program around the epic Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer,” said Activision’s chief marketing officer Tim Ellis.

“Dew fans have been clamoring for the return of Mountain Dew Game Fuel, so we wanted to really fire them up with a partnership that gets to the core of what Dew is all about,” Brett O’Brien , Mountain Dew VP of marketing added. “With this partnership we get to make sure that Mountain Dew fuels both the fans and their Call of Duty gameplay while they play Modern Warfare 3.”

Social Ad Metrics: Two Ways To Measure Success

With marketers ponying up $6 billion for social campaigns in 2011, social media has clearly outgrown the experimental stage. Of course, there remains the problem of determining whether it is working or not.

In order to determine effectiveness, two firms are launching their own social metrics. DataXu unveiled DX Social its effectiveness tool for Facebook campaigns, designed to gain insights gleaned from DataXu’s display and video ad platforms to Facebook campaigns.

“[Linking performance data from Facebook and display ads allows marketers to] decrease the randomness of throwing money at all of these things that are disconnected,” said Mike Baker, CEO of DataXu.

At the same time, Merkle has launched the social measurement product Merkle Connect. It uses the company’s existing trove of CRM data about a customer set, valuing each Facebook fan, share, and like in order to help marketers decide how to mold their social campaigns.

“Without knowing what to do (with their Facebook pages), most marketers default to a mass media social strategy we call ‘Wall Talk,’ which is throwing something onto their wall and hoping people find it engaging,” says Rich Fleck, vp and general manager of Merkle Connect.


Angry Birds On Jumboscreens

Rovio has announced that they are teaming up with Singapore Telecommunications for a crowd game to be played by live audiences at the Formula One racetrack. It is a variation on Angry Birds where the slingshot is controlled on jumboscreens by people’s voices.

“We think this new form of gaming will give fans a great opportunity to form a strong emotional connection with the characters,” said Rovio’s marketing chief Peter Vesterbacka.

Rovio and Uplause, live event gaming platform, plan to take the new gaming experience to the biggest live events in the world, including to sports stadiums and rock concerts.


Rage Over Three Discs On Xbox 360

The upcoming Rage by id Software will come on three discs for the Xbox 360. While the full install is 22 GB, Creative Director at id Software Tim Willits indicates that players don’t have to go all-in for the game.

“We recommend installing the game to the hard drive, but you don’t need to install all three discs,” explains Willits. “If you don’t have the space available on your hard drive, don’t stress. Install the first disc, the first chapter, the first half of the game, then when you’re done, uninstall and install disc two.”

The PS3 version will, meanwhile, require a one-off 8GB install; Willits praised Sony for including hard-drives on all PS3s and for allowing for large mandatory installs. “Sony was great. Kudos to Sony for letting us do that,” he said. “What we were able to do is install all the textures to the highest level. What is nice about the PS3 platform is that it’s just one platform. Everyone has one Blu-ray drive, one hard drive, it’s all the same. Some of the other systems you have . . . should I install it on my 360 Should I not install it ”

Source: Eurogamer

Sony Personal 3D Viewer Detailed

Sony has revealed more details for their immersive 3D unit called the HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer. The device will have dual 1280×720 0.7-inch OLED panels, 5.1 surround sound from integrated headphones and directly plugs into an HDMI slot.

“Packed with groundbreaking technology and fitting easily around your eyes and ears, the Personal 3D Viewer is set to revolutionize the way you experience games and movies forever,” says Sony. “You’ll soon be able to immerse yourself completely in a private world of entertainment. Slipping the straps of the device around your head, you’ll feel as though you’re sat in your own personal cinema.”

“Two crystal clear OLED screens – the same technology that provides the spectacular display on the PlayStation Vita system – can be adjusted to suit your viewing preference, so you can watch and play in absolute comfort,” Sony adds. “A wide viewing angle is designed to draw you fully into the world in front of you, while all-encompassing sound lets you hear footsteps approaching you from behind, or gunfire blasting from all sides, thanks to three-dimensional Virtual Phone Technology.”

Source: Sony

XCOM: What Is It?

XCOM is a reimagining of the franchise, but it also builds out of concepts from the original strategy games. This developer diary details what’s new to the world of XCOM.

Game Of Thrones: Genesis Prepares

The game A Game of Thrones: Genesis will take place over a millennium of fictional history of Westeros, beginning with the arrival of the Rhoynar. It will take all the strength, the charisma and the cunning you have to win the Iron Throne.

Battlefield 3 Teases Jay-Z

EA could never be accused of not making the most of what their offering for trailers – this is a teaser trailer for a trailer. However, the song by Jay-Z and hot action make us anticipate it all the more.


FIFA Ultimate Team Connects Across The Web

On the official Facebook fan page for FIFA 12, a new app allows fans to view video about and of the game as well as pre-order to receive ultimate team gold packs. The ultimate team features are also detailed on the official site for the game and explains the ways that FIFA Ultimate Team Web will extend the console experience of playing the game. FUT Web allows fans to manage their squads and optimize the chemistry of their line-ups anywhere that they’re connected to the internet. Fans can compete against friends, other players and participate in a massive online community testing their skills in weekly global tournaments for in-game coins and trophies.

Live The Origins Of The Song Of Ice And Fire

A new website for the video game adaptation of the George R. R. Martin’s bestselling series of novels “A Song of Ice and Fire” has been launched. A Game of Thrones: Genesis is a strategy game where users must use their political prowess as well as strategic and military skills to succeed. Sections on the site detail the different Houses of Westeros from the Taragysen, Stark, Tyrell and Lannisters. A map of Westereos that resembles in the in-game map gives fans a bird’s eye view of the barren wasteland.