Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Giveaway For Link Cosplayers

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword is releasing on Friday, and to celebrate, free copies of the title are being given away by the retailer GAME. The requirement to receive the free copy is to arrive at the Oxford Street store dressed as Link.

The GAME store opens at 9 AM on Friday, November 18 and a free copy will go to the first 100 customers to arrive dressed as Link. There will also be a medieval forest glen at GAME, Oxford Street London on November 18 and GameStation stores at the Prospect Centre, Hull or Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street from Saturday November 19 with which players can try out the game.

Source: ONM

Google+ Invites Social Media Management Companies

Google+ recently opened itself up to brands and businesses and now it wants social media management companies to try and integrate their tools. HooteSuite, Buddy Media, Involver, Hearsay Social, Context Optional, and Vitrue will be able to offer Google+ circle management, publishing, and monitoring to certain brand clients who already manage their social media presences with their products.

“We are committed to working on enhancements and innovative features to offer businesses more flexibility and power to run their pages,” Google product manager Sarah McKinley wrote in a blog post. “We are currently working with these companies so that we can experiment and get feedback. They were selected based on their extensive experience helping brands and businesses manage and analyze their presence on social networks.”

Roland Smart, senior director of product marketing at Involver, says that Google is bringing their familiarity in advertising to its development of Google+. “One thing that will resonate with marketers . . . is [they] will have the opportunity to do retargeting in much finer grain segmentation than on other social platforms,” he added.

“Now that Google+ Pages is opened up for brands, we see a great opportunity to help brands create sustainable communities and power connections,” said Michael Lazerow, CEO and founder of Buddy Media. “Our integration of Google+ into the Buddy Media social marketing suite will enable brands and agencies to roll out Google+ page programs at scale within their organizations.”

Source: AdWeek

Apple Shakes Up Board, Adds Disney CEO

Apple has announced Arthur Levinson as chairman of the board and has added Disney CEO Robert Iger to its members. Levinson has been co-lead director of the Apple board since 2005 while Iger has been CEO and president of The Walt Disney Company since March 2005, acquiring Pixar in 2006.

“Bob and I have gotten to know one another very well over the past few years and on behalf of the entire board, we think he is going to make an extraordinary addition to our already very strong board,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “His strategic vision for Disney is based on three fundamentals: generating the best creative content possible, fostering innovation and utilizing the latest technology, and expanding into new markets around the world which makes him a great fit for Apple.”

“I am honored to be named chairman of Apple’s board and welcome Bob to our team,” added chairman Levinson. “Apple is always focused on out-innovating itself through the delivery of truly innovative products that simplify and improve our lives, and that is something I am very proud to be a part of.”

Capcom Refocuses On Social

Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono and Monster Hunter producer Kazunori Sugiura will be leading the fight for social games at Capcom. They want to have more crossover between the company’s traditional console IP and social networks.

“Instead of framing it in its own section like consoles or mobile games, it’s something that all of Capcom development is involved with,” said Ono. “When it came to be decided who would lead this effort, the baton went to myself since I had a great deal of experience with game communities and to Kazunori Sugiura due to the knowledge he learned about customer service through his experience with [MMORPG] Monster Hunter Frontier.”

“We want to use what we have already, and there will be some name recognition among social gamers for our titles, though naturally we’ll have to think about original content in the future as well,” he added.

Source: 1UP

M2 MMO Sunk For Good

Japanese development company Sankando and operators Hangame recently had some very bad news for players of M2. The MMORPG will not be restored and the online game is now lost forever.

On October 21 at 8 PM, emergency maintenance was undertaken on M2 because of because of a critical issue suffered on the main servers, but the game’s data could not be restored. An apology was issued and some conditional refunds will be given to certain players who purchased some virtual items in the game.

Source: igxpro.net

Harry Potter Director Takes On Doctor Who Project

BBC has tapped David Yates to direct a new Doctor Who film. Yates directed the last four Harry Potter films and will develop a Doctor Who movie with Jane Tranter, head of L.A.-based BBC Worldwide Prods.

“We’re looking at writers now. We’re going to spend two to three years to get it right,” he said. “It needs quite a radical transformation to take it into the bigger arena. The notion of the time-traveling Time Lord is such a strong one, because you can express story and drama in any dimension or time.”

Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat helped reboot the Doctor Who franchise, which has a somewhat large following on BBC America. However, Yates is looking for a new take on the franchise with the movie.

“Russell T. Davies and then Steven Moffat have done their own transformations, which were fantastic, but we have to put that aside and start from scratch,” he said.

Writers from both sides of the Atlantic are being considered. “We want a British sensibility, but having said that, Steve Kloves wrote the Potter films and captured that British sensibility perfectly, so we are looking at American writers too,” he explained.

There have been multiple attempts to make a Doctor Who movies over the years. However, the hiring of Yates makes this the most potent attempt yet to bring Doctor Who to the big screen.

Source: Variety

NBA 2K12 — Debate The Greatest

Well, now that it looks like the entire NBA season has been torpedoed due to labor issues, all that we have to talk about is the great teams of the past. NBA 2K12 is well set up for this scenario with its multiple great teams of the past and 2K Sports has set the stage humorously with these various debate videos.



Mario Vs. Pac-Man And Other Animations

What appear to be a bunch of animations from Russia sponsored by some sort of potato chip company show a charming amount of detail with the subject matter. The subject matters vary from game characters to movie heroes.


Shinobi 3DS Launches From The Shadows

Shinobi 3DS did not make a great initial impression on a lot of people, but Griptonite Games rededicated themselves to the project and the end product is much more impressive. Check out the hot ninja action below!

Become Part Of The Twilight Saga History

A destination website has been launched asking fans to contribute to the Twilight Time Capsule where they can become a part of Twilight Saga history by uploading and sharing their memories. Access this interactive fan community to view all of the official trailers, posters and other content for all Twilight movies in one place right next to all of the fan-generated videos and photos. Browse and see what other fans have created and shared throughout the years, comment on their photos and videos, and share them with friends.