Amazing Skyrim Time-Lapse Video

Bethesda went to great lengths to craft a stunningly beautiful world in Skyrim with numerous environments to explore, and this well-produced time-lapse video shows off the game’s incredible details. Check it out.

IPad 3 Rumored To Be In Production Right Now

Many industry pundits expect iPad 3 to launch next year, but it’s possible that Apple’s next tablet could hit the market even sooner than expected. DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim has indicated that the new iPad with a QXGA 2048-by-1536 Retina display is actually already in production right now.

Because the display is very difficult to produce in mass quantities, Apple is looking for help from Samsung, Sharp, and LG to produce them, in order to meet consumer demand. It’s rumored that iPad 3 could be ready to ship as soon as January, with more significant volume becoming available within a couple months.

The iPad 2 has really been embraced by game makers, and the iPad 3 is likely to bring visuals much closer to what the consoles can produce. It’l be interesting to see what iOS developers do with the beefier tablet hardware.

Source: CNET

Are Interactive ‘Living Ads’ The Future Of Marketing?

While social and viral marketing has certainly changed the face of advertising, there hasn’t been a major evolution in quite some time. Yahoo!, however, has just launched what it calls the “Living Ad” with its first partner Toyota. The ads blend compelling video and photography with interactivity, personalization, and customization – sounds like it would be right up any gamer’s alley doesn’t it

“What TV does best is the branding aspect, it engages me, it gets me aware. But then what online does well is . . . it lets me build a preference and drive some action,” said Alex Linde, Yahoo’s director of mobile and tablet advertising. “If I was to take an interactive TV ad and put it into a magazine, that would be a phenomenal advertiser experience.”

“This is like the Harry Potter newspapers. The people in those newspaper are alive,” he said. “That’s kind of the feel that we’re going for.”

Linde added that a study comparing the living ad to regular static ads indicated readers were 78 percent more likely to want to interact with the ad and twice as likely to spend more time with the ad. 24 percent of the readers also had a higher opinion of the brand because of the living ad and were more likely to talk about it. Purchase intent also increased significantly, from 2 percent for static ads to 16 percent of the living ads.

Game marketers, get on this!

Source: Adweek

Virgin America Unleashes Internet Immortals

A new Facebook app called “Films” on the official Virgin Mobile Live page is actively stalking your cultural obsessions. In partnership with “Immortals”, Virgin Mobile has utilized YouTubers (established content creators within the YouTube network) to drive fans to check out some new content. The App is filled with content and engagements. An onboarding video called “Immortals: The Remake” featuring Olga Kay, Jacks Films, Richard Ryan and Sam of Corridor Digital shows what happens when a bunch of YouTubers get their hands on the all-powerful magical weapons from Immortals. Vote on which YouTuber wouldn’t last one second in ancient Greece. In another voting engagement, fans were asked to upload photos of themselves posing like a Greek God or Goddess and compete to immortalize themselves on the page. Select YouTubers like Jacksfilms, OlgaKay and Tobuscus were also asked to produce video content of their own for their channel. Fans can also check out the official trailer and find a local theater to check out “Immortals”.

Kindle Fire Redesign For Next Year With Bigger Screen – Report

Amazon’s new Kindle Fire appears to be a hit, with some analysts predicting it’ll sell 4 million units this holiday season. The tablet and e-reader isn’t exactly an iPad, but then again it’s only $199 and that’s part of its draw – it also helps that the biggest e-tailer is pushing it to budget concscious consumer. There are already numerous games for the device, so marketers should pay attention to Amazon’s next move.

That next move may be to revise the hardware with a bigger screen. Reports are that an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire is being planned for Q2 2012. In fact, the same manufacturer that produces iPads (Foxconn) is said to be starting production on the new Kindle Fire early next year. There’s also been some talk of an even larger Kindle Fire with a 10.1-inch screen.

Source: Digitimes via Business Insider

Walmart Capitalizing On Holiday Season With $99 Wii

Wii may not be having the greatest year in 2011, but Nintendo’s always done well during the holiday season, and with Zelda: Skyward Sword having just launched, now might be the perfect time to buy a Wii – especially for the amazing price of just $99. Nintendo hasn’t lowered the price, but Walmart is offering a special deal this week.

The big box retailer is offering a limited edition powder-blue Wii for the Black Friday doorbuster price of only $99.96. You can buy them starting at 10:00 pm on November 24th, but you’ll probably need to act fast.

At the very least, promotions like this should draw more foot traffic to Walmart to check out other video game items as well.

Super Bowl 2012 Ads Already Shaping Up

The Super Bowl has become an attraction not just for the sport, but also for the many new TV commercials debuting during the biggest NFL game of the year. A 30-second spot can cost millions, and if you’re looking for the eyeballs of the 18-34 male, there might not be a better place to advertise. Last year’s Super Bowl even featured a video game ad from EA for Dante’s Inferno.

An early list of advertisers for the Super Bowl has emerged, and while no video game companies are listed just yet, we still wouldn’t be surprised to see one pop up in the weeks to come.

Check out the initial list at Advertising Age.

New Line Cinema To Go On Rampage

With the exception of some movies, like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil, video game film adaptations don’t exactly have a stellar track record. New Line Cinema is reportedly aiming to craft “a smartly-budgeted monster movie in the vein and tone of Ghostbusters and Independence Day,” based on the old video game Rampage.

The Midway game from 1986 was designed with a King Kong or Godzilla-like theme, with apes and monsters destroying cities. Midway was acquired by New Line’s sister company Warner Bros. in 2009 for $33 million.

John Rickard, who has acted as a co-producer on a wide range of New Line movies from A Nightmare on Elm Street and Final Destination to Horrible Bosses and next year’s tentpole Jack the Giant Killer, will produce Rampage. Rickard is currently meeting with writers to develop a story for the project.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter