Journey Retail Release Confirmed

A compilation of Thatgamecompany titles was spotted on online renter GameFly and the import site Play-Asia. When contacted directly, the developer owned up to the authenticity of the compilations.

“Yes, the Journey Collector’s Edition is a thing, and it includes flOw and Flower, but we can’t say anything more,” said the developer.

Source: Twitter

Amazon Appstore Coming To Europe

Amazon announced plans to make their Appstore available to developers in the U.K., France, Spain, Italy and Germany this summer. The branch of the popular online retailer has seen a boost from free demo function and one-click purchasing.

“We are thrilled at the success our developers have experienced on the Amazon platform in the last year,” said Amazon Appstore vice president Jim Adkins. “Some developers have seen revenue double since the launch of In-App Purchasing. We’re excited to open the door to even more opportunity by expanding app sales outside the U.S. “We see tremendous potential for current developers in our distribution program to grow with the international expansion. We also encourage new developers to join and participate in the platform’s growth.”


Metal Gear Solid 5 Outed By Kojima

Speaking to French games magazine IG, Hideo Kojima seemed to confirm that Metal Gear Sold 5 is in development. It is believed that it is being made on the new FOX Engine.

“About Metal Gear Solid 5, I can tell you two things. There will be much question of infiltration, espionage, and convincing people to give you ‘a favor’ like in the last Metal Gear Solid,” he said. “I liked the idea of social interactions in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but we will see. And if I say more, the female ninja public relations officer, who is behind the door, will carve me up into pieces. So it’s better that we meet again when the time comes to talk about Metal Gear Solid 5.”

IG later confirmed that the quote are genuine, while further adding, “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance never claimed to be a Metal Gear Solid. This is not a game about our beloved Solid Snake. It is a spinoff that tries something different. We have not yet finished with Solid Snake, despite the fact that I wanted to let him die at the end of Guns of the Patriots.”

Source: CVG  {link no longer active}

Game Insight Offers $3 Million For Mobile Developers

Game Insight has opened a new publishing website for mobile developers. The publisher of top titles like Mystery Manor, My Country, and Paradise Island will let developers submit their publishing requests to to Game Insight directly; they are offering $3 million in funding through the program.

“Game Insight is looking to expand its already strong mobile portfolio on all platforms with even more high-quality, fun, and potentially successful new games,” said Game Insight CEO Alisa Chumachenko. “If you’re as passionate as we are about making the best mobile games in the world, we want to hear from you.”

Starhawk Uplink Now Online

The official companion mobile application for Starhawk is now available on iOS and Android devices. With the Starhawk Uplink app you can easily check out detailed player and clan stats, while staying current on the all of the latest Starhawk announcements and community news/events, all on the go, anytime, anywhere. To download the app, use the following links: Android devices / iOS devices {links no longer active}.

Once you’ve downloaded the Starhawk Uplink to your mobile device, you’ll find a wealth of information available on all of the player weapons, Hawk weapons, and Build & Battle structures.

The Starhawk Uplink app is totally free, and it’s a way for diehard players to always stay in touch with Starhawk. And for those of you who haven’t picked up a copy of Starhawk yet, you can still pull down this app and learn more about the game and the exciting community of Starhawk followers.

App features include:

  • Access to clan information: You can view your clan invitations, clan leaderboards and statistics, and search for new clans to join or challenge.
  • View player and weapon stats: You can view your player and weapon stats from all of your online action in Starhawk.
  • Track other players: Want to see how your stats compare Look at stats for your PSN friends, clanmates, and other players you meet online.
  • View the Starhawk leaderboards: See how you rank against your friends, clanmates, and the rest of the Starhawk community.
  • Access Starhawk community strongholds: You can link to various Starhawk social sites, as well as directly link to gameplay videos and other Starhawk community-driven sites.
  • Browse The Armory: An encyclopedia of information on all troop and Hawk weapons and Build & Battle structures.
  • Stay up to date: Our news ticker and game announcements section ensure that you are completely up to date on all the latest and greatest Starhawk news.
  • The Starhawk Uplink runs on the following devices: iTouch, iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S, as well as all versions of iPad and Android devices, including the Sony Tablet S and Sony Xperia Play mobile phone and all Gingerbread Android devices. Kindle Fire support is coming soon.

Binding Of Isaac Reaches 700k In Sales

The Binding of Isaac, a cult indie title, has reached a sales milestone of 700,000. They recently released Wrath of the Lamb v1.3, a content update that added “items, bosses, enemies, music, secrets and a very hard to attain final ending cut scene that should shed some light on the game’s story even more.”

“Who would have thought a game about an abused child fighting off his mother with his tears could ever sell 700k copies in less than a year ” The Binding of Isaac developer Edmund McMillen wrote in an email blast last night. “Not me, that’s for f*cking sure.”

McMillen concluded, “700k is a big number… maybe it’s time to bring this thing to a console.”

Source: Joystiq

Yahtzee Talks Up E3 2012

Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw typically does an E3 video every year, but this year he took particular time to examine the trailers that came out. He does a great job sending up some of the more notable moments in his own imitable style.

{video link no longer active}



Licensing Deal Signed By Fight My Monster

Fight My Monster has signed a licensing and merchandising deal with Dimensional Branding Group and Striker Entertainment. Targeting young boys, Fight My Monster has over 1.3 million players in the U.K. and the U.S.

“We have witnessed firsthand the power of the digital revolution, particularly when it comes to the introduction of new intellectual property and the impact that property can have on pop culture and ultimately consumer products,” said Russell Binder, president of Striker Entertainment. “Retailers and marketers are embracing the platform that gives their consumers 24/7 access to their favorite content and Fight My Monster is quickly becoming one of those dynamic properties.”

“Fight My Monster has the digital DNA required to become an evergreen property that is successful on multiple platforms including consumer products,” added John Leonhardt, president of DBG. “The Fight My Monster team has a dynamic and original property and we look forward to extending the brand globally with them.”