E-Cigarette Ads End Up In Kid’s Game

Ads are commonplace in a lot of game apps these days, including apps aimed at kids. Not all ads are equal, though, and controversy has arisen over an e-cigarette company’s particular advertisement in an iPad kids’ game.

As you can see in the picture below, an ad for the electronic Vype cigarette by British American Tobacco ended up clearly seen in a pet game simulation that’s aimed at kids. As a result, Vype has pulled all advertising from apps at the moment, and apologized through its Twitter account.

In addition, a rep gave the following statement to Mashable.

“We apologise that an advert has ended up on an channel that it clearly wasn’t intended or appropriate for. As soon as this was brought to our attention, we pulled all our online advertising whilst we look into this matter further and establish how it happened.

Vype is an e-cigarette brand marketed and sold by Nicoventures, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco. Children are not, and will never be, the target audience for Vype, which is a product aimed at adult consumers who are able to make an informed choice regarding which brand they choose.”

No word yet on when the advertisements will run again.

Source: Mashable

His Body Is Ready, Again

Nintendo, eager to push its Wii U and 3DS game systems to potential new users for the holiday season, had a nice little surprise announcement for the weekend – Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fils-Aime will be along for the ride.

Fils-Aime has been a fixture as one of the most public faces of Nintendo, gaining a lot of notoriety with game consumers with his line “My body is ready” to set up a demo of the original Wii at E3 2007.  It’s now confirmed through the Nintendo’s Twitter account that Fils-Aime will be tagging along for a few stops of the upcoming tour featuring the Wii U and 3DS.

“I’m off to the #ImWithReggieTweetUp! Follow here and FB (Facebook) to see when I’ll be in YOUR city looking to play #WiiU + #3DS with YOU!” #Regginator,” said the tweet.

Fils-Aime then proceeded to answer several questions relating to the company, including a few Pokemon queries and how he got into games development. The recap of those tweets can be found here.

Source: Polygon

iPhone Gamepad Details Leaked

iPhone game controllers are about to hit the market in a big way, and it looks like MOGA could very well be getting in on that action.

A Twitter account named @evleaks has revealed details on a yet-unannounced MOGA controller for the iPhone called the MOGA Ace Power. It’s a controller unit that fits your device snugly between a pre-set pair of analog sticks, along with a D-pad, face buttons similar to regular game controllers, and shoulder buttons.

The report also says that the Ace Power will also include a built-in 1800mAh battery, which will allow the charging of the device while you play it. No word yet if that’s through Bluetooth or Lightning connectivity, but MOGA is likely to reveal details soon.

If the layout looks familiar, that’s because MOGA uses a similar design with the MOGA Pro for Android.

Expect more official information soon.

Source: GigaOm

For Sale: ‘Slightly Haunted’

Century 21 has launched a series of ads that are for theoretical houses that are #slightlyhaunted. Despite the supernatural issues, they end every ad by declaring “Yeah, we could sell it”.






Source: AdWeek.com