Ford Appoints Suzy Deering As Chief Marketing Officer

This week in leadership updates, Ford names Suzy Deering as CMO, Pinterest taps Celestine Maddy as head of consumer marketing, Korg USA elevates Morgan Walker to director of marketing communications, Sperry brings on Elizabeth Drori as CMO and Reddit appoints Paula Price to its board of directors.

Ford Names Suzy Deering As Chief Marketing Officer

Ford has appointed Suzy Deering, former global CMO of eBay, as its new CMO, according to Forbes.

Prior to eBay, Deering was chief executive officer of Moxie.

She replaces Joy Falotico, who’s been serving as both CMO of Ford and president of Lincoln Motor Company.

Pinterest Taps Celestine Maddy As Consumer Marketing Head

Pinterest has named Celestine Maddy as head of consumer marketing, as reported by Adweek.

Maddy joins Pinterest from The Wing, where she worked as senior vice president of marketing and communications.

Prior to The Wing, Maddy served as VP of marketing and communications at Foursquare, VP of marketing at Reddit and marketing director at Quirky.

Korg USA Elevates Morgan Walker To Director Of Marketing Communications

Korg USA has announced the promotion of Morgan Walker to director of marketing communications.

Walker has been with Korg for nearly six years, having joined in 2014 as senior marketing communications and events manager.

Sperry Names Elizabeth Drori As Chief Marketing Officer

Sperry has announced the appointment of Elizabeth Drori as CMO. 

In her new role, Drori will oversee Sperry’s global brand strategy.

Drori most recently served as head of marketing for Walmart’s fashion business. Prior to Walmart, she worked in a variety of leadership roles at Converse.

Reddit Appoints Paula Price To Its Board Of Directors

According to TechCrunch, Paula Price has been named the newest member of Reddit’s board of directors. She has served on the board of six public companies, including Deutsche Bank and Accenture.

Price’s appointment makes her one of two black directors on Reddit’s board.

Gary Goodman’s Creative Picks: Positivity

Well, here we are on the lead up to the holiday season and one thing is for certain: We could all use a little good news and positivity! So this week, I wanted to focus on creative output that put a smile on my face and surprised me with moments that helped me find that extra gear on the final sprint to 2021. I hope it does the same for you.

Burberry – “Singin’ in the Rain”

First up is an astounding musical number for the British fashion brand Burberry that taps into a little Hollywood nostalgia to make us all feel good.

Why it matters: There’s something so infectious about this spot that you can’t help but feel that no matter what is going on in the world, everything is going to be OK. Admittedly, I can’t dance. But the utter joy and energetic optimism on display actually make me want to try.  This is the world we all long for: no masks, no social distancing, no politics; just an unbridled joy for being alive.

The details: Dreya Mac has created a beautiful modern rendition of the timeless Gene Kelly track that creates incredible syncopation and energy for the spot to take off. They shot this in London’s Petticoat Lane in a tongue-in-cheek stab at the street which is famous for luxury brand knockoffs. And finally, a little Hollywood sidenote…Gene Kelly filmed the iconic scene with a 103-degree fever while getting drenched with water. Now that’s what stars are made of!

Calm – CNN’s “Key Race Alert” sponsorship

Next up, I wanted to take a departure from video-based advertising and feature a very smart sponsorship that was hard to miss on election night if you happened to watch CNN.

Why it matters: You know the old adage, ‘timing is everything?’ This election night placement from wellness brand Calm has to be one of the smartest and best-timed placements of the year! 

On a night filled with anxiety and contentious rhetoric on both sides of the political aisle, Calm chose their moment in what could be looked at as a Super Bowl Sunday type event to get their message out and help everyone take a deep breath and relax.  

Calm’s sponsorship with CNN gave it prime placement on the screen throughout the network’s election coverage as it appeared in the corner of CNN’s Key Race Alerts all night long. According to Danielle Abril on, “the juxtaposition couldn’t have been more jarring: Calm’s logo in the corner of the screen while CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer and John King were anything but, well, calm.”  

The details: In an email from the brand, a Calm spokesperson said “we understand the uncertainty of this election cycle can be a source of anxiety for many of us, especially as it coincides with an ongoing pandemic. Our goal during CNN’s Key Race Alerts was to provide viewers a moment of Calm and a reminder to take a deep breath during a stressful night.”  Apparently, downloads of the app during this window saw about a 40% increase as their message clearly landed with its intended audience. Bang on Calm. Well done!

Corona – “Free Range Humans” video series

Yes, I took a detour from video-based advertising in the last example because I knew I wanted to double down on this last selection and hopefully inspire us all with the road less traveled.

Why it matters:  Although some like to say traditional video-based advertising is a thing of the past, I guess the Mexican beer brand, Corona, begs to differ. Corona has just gone live with an 8 episode series to launch their Corona Studios brand which is ‘dedicated to providing high-end consumer content about travel, the outdoors, surf lifestyles, and sustainability’ among other topics.  I love it when brands see the intrinsic value in being their own broadcasters of great content. Look at what it did for Red Bull. According to Corona Global VP Felipe Ambra, “with the events of this year, we know that people around the world are increasingly appreciative of the outside, and pondering what an alternative life could look like.” I have to admit, after watching Episode 8 on the underwater sculptor, I was hooked and dreaming of being able to fast forward to a time when I can return to going on adventures with my family around the world.

The details: Apparently the agency behind this looked at 500 candidates before landing on their eight hero storylines. And in order to enable more people to be able to follow their dreams and lead this type of ‘free-range lifestyle,’ Corona is establishing the Free Range Fund which is a grant pool to help support outdoor-oriented projects of select consumers globally. This fund will also help the brand identify those individuals who have broken with their indoor careers and pursued their passions outdoors to potentially be featured in the next season of Free Range Humans. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly considering it. 🙂

Sherwin-Williams Missed A Huge Opportunity When It Fired An Employee With 1.4 Million TikTok Followers

In the age of COVID, there are few worse missteps a brand can make than brushing off the potential to reach millions of young, engaged users on one of today’s most lucrative and fastest-growing apps, TikTok. Yet Sherwin-Williams did just that.  

The company recently fired a senior sales associate, Tony Piloseno of the wildly popular TikTok account @tonesterpaints, where he shares oddly satisfying paint-mixing hacks with his 1.4 million followers. According to BuzzFeed News, Piloseno used his content performance as part of a digital marketing pitch to the company, which it shunned before terminating him for gross misconduct.

Piloseno emailed a contact from the company’s marketing department with a deck sharing how TikTok could help drive brand awareness. Two months and multiple follow-ups later, the contact told Piloseno that there “wasn’t a need to see the presentation” given they weren’t running any promotions at the time.

Upon discovering that Piloseno created some of his TikTok videos during working hours and with company equipment, in late July Sherwin-Williams fired him for offenses, including “wasting properties [and] facilities,” and “seriously embarrass[ing] the Company or its products.” 

The brand told BuzzFeed, however, that the decision to fire Piloseno was due to a customer complaint about his TikToks.

Sherwin-Williams’ decision to ignore Piloseno’s TikTok pitch marks a huge missed opportunity. Sure, one might argue that Sherwin-Williams is doing fine without TikTok’s user base, which App Annie expects will exceed 1 billion next year. After all, lockdown-driven habits led Sherwin-Williams to post revenues of $5.12 billion for the quarter ended September, surpassing consensus revenue estimates three times over the last four quarters. But even brands reaping windfall from COVID-19 have a lot to gain by tapping into the success of viral challenges on TikTok and leveraging employees as brand ambassadors, which Sherwin-Williams clearly had in Piloseno.

GameStop, Wendy’s, Sephora and Dunkin’ Donuts have utilized the emerging trend, encouraging employees to post positive messages about their jobs and offering incentives in exchange for content support on their personal platforms. Though not new, this tactic can be effective for building relationships with consumers and promoting brand values beyond the company’s own marketing channels.

In addition to the concept of employees as influencers, TikTok enables brands to create an authentic dialogue with consumers and establish relatability —something shoppers are increasingly craving from brands. A study conducted by Microsoft Advertising found that 72 percent of people are likely to support brands that are genuine in their advertising.

Take American Eagle Outfitters, for instance. Its summer TikTok campaign, #AerieRealPositivity, featuring TikTok star Charli D’Amelio generated over 2 billion impressions, contributing to a 100 percent surge in sales for Aerie and 50 percent increase for American Eagle. Then there’s Chipotle, whose #Boorito campaign starring popular TikTok creators like Zach King and Kombucha Girl generated 3.9 billion views. Lest we forget E.l.f. Cosmetics’ #ElfVanishingAct challenge, which received over 5 billion views and 3 billion user-generated videos featuring the campaign’s song, an original jingle created by E.l.f.

With plans to erect a permanent office in Los Angeles, the expansion of social commerce with Shopify and the formation of a $1 billion creator fund, it’s clear that TikTok is here to stay. Brands that have a young target audience and want to remain digitally agile in the face of uncertainty will fully embrace it.

ANA Study Highlights Ongoing Lack Of Diversity In CMO Hires

Despite urgent calls for racial justice this year, there’s still an overall lack of ethnic diversity in the marketing industry as black, hispanic or Asian people occupy just 12 percent of chief marketing officer roles—unchanged from the last two years—according to the Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) latest diversity report.

The findings, which build off of ANA’s inaugural diversity report in 2018, break down the gender and ethnic representation of the marketing teams at 40 ANA member company participants.

In 2020, white people comprised 88 percent of ANA company CMOs. Blacks comprised three percent; Asians, five percent; and Hispanics/Latinos, four percent.

The industry has made progress with gender diversity, with women representing 52 percent of the top marketer positions today—a seven percent increase since 2018. Among lower-ranking jobs, the gender diversity is even greater, as ANA’s survey of 30,940 marketers indicates that 67 percent are female and 33 percent are male. However, these numbers are unchanged over the past three years.

As for ethnic diversity among lower-ranking marketers, the industry has a great deal of work to do. White people comprise 74 percent, blacks comprise six percent, Asians comprise 10 percent, Hispanics comprise eight percent and “other” comprise two percent.

The ANA board of directors lacks ethnic diversity as well. Among its 43 members, 29 are white, five are Hispanic, five are black and four are Asian—33 percent ethnically diverse compared to 24 percent in 2019. The board includes 23 women and 20 men.

When asked what key actions have helped their company increase diversity within the marketing department, respondents noted the importance of diversity in recruiting, board and senior-level accountability, setting goals and tracking progress, employee referrals, leveraging relationships with historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and crafting specific internship programs for diverse students.

Other steps marketers have taken to improve diversity include the formation of a diversity action committee, deliberate sponsorship and mentorship of diverse talent, the creation of employee resource groups and the implementation of diversity and inclusion learning in professional development plans for leaders.

eBay Offers Free Appraisals At Drive-Thru Authentication Station

Following a 25 percent revenue increase in Q3, eBay has converted a Los Angeles gas station into a drive-thru “Authentication Station” where people can appraise and sell their high-end sneakers, watches and collectibles without leaving the car.

The socially-distant initiative comes on the heels of eBay’s new Authenticity Guarantee, a program that involves independent experts verifying items through inspections. The offering is currently available for $200-plus sneakers and watches, two of the marketplace’s largest and popular luxury categories.

To get an appraisal, attendees drive up and stay in their car as an eBay attendant—a top eBay seller and a member of third-party authentication partner Sneaker Con—will take the item inside the station for inspection. Once the item is verified, the person has the option to sell on the spot.

In 2019, eBay sold nearly six million sneakers in North America and over 2 million watches. On average, there are more than half a million sneaker listings on eBay each day and 165,000 daily live listings for luxury watches.

Sales for Rolex, which accounts for 40 percent of luxury watch sales on the site, have increased 60 percent on eBay since last year.

eBays Authentication Station will be open for three days November 19 -21, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. at 4450 Beverly Blvd.

Between 19 million sellers worldwide and 183 million global active buyers, eBay’s revenues reached $2.6 billion in Q3. Gross merchandise volume was $25 billion, up 22 percent year-over-year.

“A year ago, we were losing share in [the collectible sneakers] category, but now we’re seeing over 50% [volume] growth year to date — and that was before launching the authenticity guarantee,” CEO Jamie Iannone said in a conference call with analysts.

In June, eMarketer reported that Walmart surpassed eBay in share of US ecommerce sales for the first time.

Twitter Promotes Jennifer Prince To Global Head Of Content Partnerships

This week in leadership updates, Jennifer Prince accepts a promotion as Twitter’s global head of content partnerships, Tara Rush is elevated to SVP and CMO of Audi USA, Adidas names Vicky Free as SVP of global marketing, ShopRunner taps TJ Papp as CMO, Tommy Hilfiger welcomes Tara Rush as president and chief brand officer and more.

Twitter Elevates Jennifer Prince To Global Head Of Content Partnerships

Jennifer Prince has accepted a promotion as Twitter’s global vice president and head of content partnerships, reports Variety.

The update comes nearly a year after the departure of Kay Madati, who previously held the position.

Prince was most recently Twitter’s head of media and entertainment advertising revenue partnerships. Before joining Twitter in August 2013, Prince was head of ad sales for film and television at Google and YouTube.

Audi Of America Appoints Tara Rush As Chief Marketing Officer

Tara Rush has accepted a promotion as Audi of America’s senior vice president and CMO, making her the first woman to lead marketing at the company.

Rush will continue her responsibilities as chief communications officer until a replacement is named.

Prior to Audi, Rush served as chief corporate affairs officer for Heineken USA.

Adidas Names Vicky Free As Senior Vice President Of Global Marketing

Adidas has announced the appointment of Vicky Free to SVP of global marketing, reports WWD.

Free previously served as SVP and CMO at Novant Health. Prior to Novant, Free was SVP of marketing and creative at Disney.

ShopRunner Appoints TJ Papp As CMO And Head Of Marketplace-As-A-Service

According to WWD, TJ Papp has joined ShopRunner as CMO and head of marketplace-as-a-service.

Papp joins from Greats, where he was head of ecommerce. Prior to that, he was SVP, global brand and direct-to-consumer for Kenneth Cole.

Tommy Hilfiger Hires Avery Baker As President And Chief Brand Officer

Tommy Hilfiger has welcomed back longtime employee, Avery Baker, as president and chief brand officer.

Since joining the brand in 1998, Baker has held various roles across the company’s global offices.

Baker returns after stepping down in mid-2019.

On Location Experiences Appoints Deborah Curtis As Chief Marketing Officer

Deborah Curtis has joined On Location Experiences as CMO, reports Deadline.

Curtis most recently served as vice president, head of global brand and product experience at American Express for the past decade.

Her appointment follows Endeavor acquiring a majority stake in On Location in early 2020. On Location has partnerships with the NFL, NCAA, PGA of America and the United States Tennis Association, among others.

PodcastOne Appoints Ilana Susnow As Head Of Marketing And Audience Development

PodcastOne, a subsidiary of LiveXLive, has named Ilana Susnow as its head of marketing and audience development.

Susnow will oversee all marketing initiatives for PodcastOne’s podcasts, including The Adam Carolla Show, The LadyGang and Off the Vine, among others.

Susnow joins PodcastOne from E.W. Scripp’s Pickler and Ben talk show as head of marketing and integrations.

Listen In: Good Work Begins With Good Health

First thing’s first. Take a deep breath. Exhale.

How are you feeling right now?

Our show today is all about turning inward and taking small steps to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves. Ayzenberg Senior Strategist and yoga instructor to, Alexa Borghi, reminds us that to do well at work, we need to be healthy and happy. And that begins with mindfulness and self-reflection.

“For any career it’s important to have your focus on personal health first.” And as Alexa notes, “There’s no time more relevant than 2020 to have this conversation.”

The conversation ranges from how her work as a yoga instructor impacts her work as a senior strategist, the books she recommends for those interested in pursuing yoga and tenets for achieving a greater awareness of our own wellbeing. Oh, and a few exercises you can start doing immediately to help combat stress.

All told, Alexa’s philosophy is something anyone can put into action: private reflection can make you a more fulfilled professional and is the first step toward increasing your general wellness.

About Listen In: Each week on Listen In, Bretz and a rotating cast of hosts from Ayzenberg interview experts in the field of marketing and advertising to explore uncharted territory together. The goal is to provide the audience with actionable insights, enabling them to excel in their field.

68 Percent Of Consumers Will Do Their Holiday Shopping Online

With thousands of brick-and-mortar stores set to close this year, the holiday season is even more important to retailers. Yet a new report signals more bad news for the group and the potential demise of Black Friday. According to 97th Floor, 52 percent of consumers have decided to never do their holiday shopping in stores.

97th Floor surveyed 1,000 US shoppers to understand their hopes and fears regarding crowded malls and online shopping in the wake of COVID-19.

As expected, 68 percent of respondents said they plan to do most of their holiday shopping online due to the pandemic. What’s more, 81 percent of shoppers said that even if retailers offer great in-store experiences during the holidays, they’re still not sure they’d want to shop in person.

Despite research that suggests consumers are tightening their wallets, the report found that 73 percent of shoppers will spend either the same amount or less than they did last season.

Consumers’ fears about in-store shopping have also led to a dim holiday spirit. Just 20 percent of respondents said they’re definitely in a holiday “shopping mood.” And only 26 percent of people who have been to a midnight Black Friday doorbuster said it was worth it, an indication that the end of in-store Black Friday shopping is near.

Still, for those who do plan to shop in store, 54 percent said they want to get through their shopping lists by early November to avoid crowds.

These findings echo those of a Loqate report about consumer shipping expectations, which revealed that convenience and safety are top priorities for shoppers. As consumers plan to shop online, retailers must ensure packages arrive on time for 38 percent of shoppers are concerned they’ll arrive late and 10 percent are extremely unlikely to buy from a brand that delivered a late package.

For 59 percent of online retailers, the concern is that shipper fees may strain profitability, according to Loqate.

Retailers looking to make up for pandemic losses should also consider implementing an address verification solution as 40 percent of shoppers trust retailers who have one more than retailers without it. In addition, 22 percent of shoppers would make another purchase in the future from that retailer.

The Nature Conservancy Names Meg Goldthwaite As Chief Marketing And Communications Officer

This week in leadership updates, The Nature Conservancy appoints Meg Goldthwaite as chief marketing and communications officer, Kate Spade brings on Jenny Campbell as CMO, AT&T Communications names Kellyn Smith Kenny as chief marketing and growth officer, Warner Bros co-president of worldwide marketing JP Richards is leaving, Warner Bros Television Group president and CMO Lisa Gregorian plans to exit, Volkswagen hires Kimberley Gardiner as SVP of marketing and more.

The Nature Conservancy Appoints Meg Goldthwaite As Chief Marketing And Communications Officer

The Nature Conservancy has named Meg Goldthwaite, former CMO of NPR, as chief marketing and communications officer.

Goldthwaite most recently served as a managing partner at Cove Creative.

AT&T Communications Hires Kellyn Smith Kenny As Chief Marketing And Growth Officer

AT&T Communications has announced the appointment of Kellyn Smith Kenny to chief marketing and growth officer, Adweek reports.

Smith Kenny comes from Hilton, where she served as global CMO for two years.  

Warner Bros Co-President Of Worldwide Marketing JP Richards To Exit

According to Deadline, JP Richards is stepping down from his position as co-president of worldwide marketing at Warner Bros amid WarnerMedia’s restructuring.

Richards has been with the company for six years. Prior to WarnerMedia, he worked at Universal for 12 years.

Kate Spade Appoints Jenny Campbell As Chief Marketing Officer

According to WWD, Kate Spade New York has hired Jenny Campbell as CMO. She succeeds Mary Beech, who departed in July 2019.

Campbell joins Kate Spade from Tinder, where she served as CMO for nearly two and a half years. Prior to Tinder, she held roles at 72andSunny, Nike and Wieden + Kennedy.

Warner Bros TV President And Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Gregorian To Exit

After more than three decades, Lisa Gregorian, president and CMO of Warner Bros Television Group, will exit at the end of the year.

As Deadline reports, Karen Miller, current executive vice president of creative services, will assume some of Gregorian’s duties.

Volkswagen Hires Kimberley Gardiner As Senior Vice President Of Marketing

Kimberley Gardiner, former CMO of Mitsubishi, is joining Volkswagen as SVP. Gardiner has over 21 years of automotive experience including leadership roles at Toyota and Kia.

She replaces Saad Chehab, who exited in May after nine months.

ViacomCBS Entertainment And Youth Group Chief Marketing Officer Jacqueline Parkes To Step Down

Jacqueline Parkes, CMO of ViacomCBS entertainment and youth group, is departing at the end of the year, according to Deadline.

For the past five years, Parkes has been leading marketing for MTV, VH1, CMT and Logo.

As per Deadline, ViacomCBS is close to finalizing her replacement.

Nokia Chief Marketing Officer Barry French To Exit

Nokia’s CMO since 2014, Barry French, is stepping down following the company’s announcement of a reorganization plan that would do away with its end-to-end strategy.

French, who’s also a member of HMD Global’s board of directors, first joined Nokia in 2006 and played key roles in the development of Nokia Siemens Network.

Yelp Appoints Tony Wells To Board Of Directors

Yelp has named Tony Wells, chief brand officer of USAA, to its board of directors, serving on the Compensation Committee.

Prior to USAA, Wells was CMO for Schneider Electric’s North American market. He also has served as CMO at ADT Security and 24 Hour Fitness.

Measure J Passing Will Require L.A. County To Allocate General Funds To Social Services

Amid the nation’s growing calls for racial justice, nearly 60 percent of Los Angeles County voters have approved Measure J, an initiative that will divert millions of county dollars to social services for communities disproportionately affected by racism.

As part of Measure J, 10 percent of unrestricted, locally generated county funds, or about $360 million to $900 million, must go toward social services such as job training and jobs to low-income residents, access to capital for small minority-owned businesses, rent assistance, community-based restorative justice programs and mental health treatment.

Dubbed “Re-Imagine L.A. County,” Measure J prohibits L.A. county from spending the money on prisons, jails or law enforcement agencies.

After officially launching Yes on Measure J more than two weeks ago and running a 10-day flight of television advertising ahead of election day, the campaign has garnered 100 million digital impressions, the measure’s co-chairs, Isaac Bryan and Eunisses Hernandez told AList.

“For far too long the needs of our Black and brown communities fell on the budget chopping block and as a result, these communities have paid the price. Measure J will now change that,” said Hernandez, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

The amendment will be phased in next July and fully implemented by June 30, 2024.

The passing of Measure J marks a momentous step in the nation’s journey toward a racial reckoning and coincides with Ayzenberg’s efforts to create more diverse and equitable career initiatives to bridge the racial gap in the advertising industry.

One such initiative includes a virtual career day Ayzenberg and LA Promise Fund recently hosted for more than 75 low-income high school students in South L.A. The program saw a group of Ayzenberg employees share the behind-the-scenes of their ad campaigns and how students can apply the skills they’re learning to real-world career options.

Ayzenberg is actively working to educate young black and brown students in the local community about design and advertising opportunities by continuing the conversation with BIPOC leaders in the space.

“Ayzenberg wholeheartedly supports the transformative Measure J and believes criminal justice reform will better the City of Los Angeles and will create a path forward for the entire country,” said Ayzenberg CEO Eric Ayzenberg.