Play Pong With Your Face

OpenCV is a library originally developed by Intel, which is now free for use under the open source BSD license. OpenCV recently got some great exposure with this cool new video put together by developer Matt Ditton, who created a 3D version of pong in which your head becomes a paddle. The game make use of facetracking as an input device, similar to how Microsoft’s Project Natal camera or the PlayStation Eye might track motion of parts of a body. Check out the video below (thanks to Creativity-Online for the tip).

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Will An iPad Blend?

Apple’s new iPad is almost the kind of electronics device that sells itself. Between word of mouth, constant news stories (which essentially serve as advertising) and viral videos, the iPad is everywhere. It’s the kind of marketing that no amount of money could buy and Apple must be very, very pleased. Of course, any time a pretty new gadget is launched, people want to find out how easily they can destroy it too. Why Because they can! Check out these three videos [thanks Mashable] demonstrating different ways to ruin your new iPad.

New Resident Evil Movie Hops On 3D Bandwagon

Movies based on video game franchises have a pretty sketchy history, but there have been some notable exceptions. One fantastic example is Sony’s Resident Evil film franchise based on the best-selling Capcom video game property. The films have been genuinely entertaining and more importantly for Sony and Capcom, they’ve been quite successful. Now, with 3D catching fire in Hollywood, Sony is marketing the next Resident Evil movie, set for September 10, as the latest and greatest implementation of the same tech James Cameron used to film Avatar in 3D (“Fusion camera system”). Check out the new trailer below.

Disney’s Split/Second Trailer Burns Rubber

The racing genre in video games can be quite competitive. There have been dozens of failed franchises, and only the best of the best really stand out, like Gran Turismo, Project Gotham, Forza Motorsport, Need for Speed and Burnout. Disney Interactive is hoping to grab that checkered flag with its upcoming racer Split/Second (shipping May 18), and with the right marketing we think the game will do just fine. This latest trailer does a great job in showcasing the Hollywood-style racing action, with high speeds, explosions and big air jumps. It also helps that the game is definitely a looker. Check out the video below, courtesy of GameTrailers.

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Stephen Colbert Pimps iPad

While product placement in video games can be a win-win, especially when it adds to the realism in a sports or racing game, getting your product airtime on a popular TV show is even better, especially when that show is The Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert rubbed in the fact that he has an iPad all throughout the show while holding the tablet device and playing with it. Apple must love getting that exposure in front of Colbert’s valuable demographic. Check out this clip below for example.

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Burger King Raids McDonald’s For McMuffin Recipe

Ronald McDonald may be more instantly recognizable to the public, but in recent years Burger King has done a phenomenal job in raising its profile with its King mascot, who’s even been featured in his own video games. This time, in a new ad spot, the creepy-looking King raids McDonald’s headquarters just to snag the recipe for the fast food chain’s McMuffin sandwich. It’s definitely one of the more entertaining ad spots we’ve seen. Check it out below courtesy of Adweek.

Get Lost In The Forgotten Sands

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is set to hit retail on May 18, just 10 days before the Jerry Bruckheimer movie based on the Sands of Time universe makes its box office debut. While the previous Prince of Persia had some mixed reactions, Ubisoft is hoping to recapture the original Prince of Persia audience with this new game. The impact of the movie could be very good as well – feedback from lucky individuals who viewed early screenings has been largely positive. Check out the new trailer for the game below (courtesy of Joystiq). It sets the stage for the prince needing to, of course, save the kingdom.

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GameStop’s Hilarious Machinima Style Splinter Cell Ad

Leading games retailer GameStop has been doing a solid job advertising its exclusive pre-order bonuses lately, and a recent commercial to promote exclusive pre-order content for Ubisoft’s upcoming Splinter Cell Conviction is a perfect example. The spot features a machinima style, with a bunch of guys from the in-game engine arguing about who gets shotgun when riding in a car. Meanwhile Sam Fisher sneaks up on them and mows them down with his own actual shotgun. The weapon is specifically a SPAS-12 suppressor shotgun, available only to those who pre-order the title at GameStop. Check out the ad below.

Go Behind The Scenes With Iron Man 2

While Ubisoft is no doubt hoping that the upcoming Prince of Persia movie from Jerry Bruckheimer boosts sales of The Forgotten Sands, the game technically is not a direct tie-in to the film. Sega’s Iron Man 2, however, is exactly that and the game even features the likeness of Robert Downey Jr. in the main role. Today Sega released a new behind-the-scenes feature detailing the development of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions and the characters and fighting mechanics players can look forward to. Iron Man 2 ships on May 4 while the movie debuts on May 7. Check out the new video below courtesy of GameVideos.

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Nintendo Reveals Metroid: Other M In-Game Footage

Mario and Zelda are probably the two most important properties within Nintendo’s rich assortment of IP, but Metroid’s certainly no slouch, and the franchise has great appeal in the West. Nintendo’s taking an interesting approach with the upcoming Metroid: Other M (slated to launch in late June) by partnering up with Team Ninja. The game features classic, old-school 2D Metroid gameplay while still incorporating 3D elements. We’ve seen a number of promo trailers, but this newly released video finally dives headfirst into in-game footage. Wii owners will definitely be keeping an eye on this one. Check out the new trailer courtesy of

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