No film has so perfectly captured the mind-numbing drudgery of Corporate America than the 1999 classic, Office Space. Now, Mike Judge’s oh-so-quotable film about a group of disgruntled employees has been adapted into a mobile game to help real-life slacking employees get even less done.

Office Space: Idle Profits takes players to the cubicles of Initech—the soul-sucking corporation from the film—to seek revenge along with Peter, Samir and Michael Bolton. Installing a virus in the company’s mainframe will siphon pennies from each department to make you all rich, but players will have to (sort of) work for it. As with other “idle” games by Kongregate, players will need to repeatedly tap their screen to accomplish goals and can do so faster with the help of optional in-game purchases.

Those sick of TPS reports and middle management can enjoy such adventures as visiting Milton and his red stapler in the basement and beating the ever-living crap out of a fax machine. Oh, and what would Initech be without everyone’s favorite boss, Lumberg?

“We’re excited to return audiences to the cubicles of Initech,” said Rick Phillips, EVP of Fox Interactive in a statement. “The charm and wit of the film are just as relevant in today’s environment as it was when originally released in 1999, and we’re thrilled to be able to capture its eccentric cast of characters including Lumbergh, Michael Bolton, and Milton in a quirky and hilarious mobile game.”

Kongregate, a subsidary of GameStop, previously partnered with Fox Interactive for a collectible card game called Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cardsa battle game featuring characters from Fox animated series like Family Guy, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers and King of the Hill. GameStop recently reported a drop in income thanks to the rising popularity and convenience of digital downloads, but remains optimistic.

“We’re so pleased to be continuing our partnership with Fox,” said Emily Greer, president and co-founder of Kongregate in a statement.  “With Office Space: Idle Profits, I believe we’ve found the perfect blend between gameplay and IP integration. We’ll see if fans of the film agree!”

Office Space: Idle Profits is coming soon to iPhone, iPad, and Android, although an official release date has yet to be announced.