Syfy Labs is extending its commitment to emerging technologies and storytelling by leveraging its lineup of popular programming into 3D printing by introducing a new line of exclusive models from the network’s original series.

Syfy’s recently launched innovation lab and MakerBot, an industry leader in 3D printing, are unveiling new models like the iconic time machine from 12 Monkeys and the alien skull from The Magicians. Models from shows like the Hunters, Killjoys and Dark Matter will be made available through Thingiverse, home to more than a million 3D designs.

This next wave of 3D models from Syfy’s programming was introduced this past weekend at the Silicon Valley Comic-Con in San Jose, California, as part of the Voodoo Manufacturing Booth.

Matthew Chiavelli, senior vice president of Syfy Digital, joined [a]listdaily to discuss the television network’s commitment to 3D printing.

SVCC Voodoo_SyFy 12 Monkeys

How much did audience engagement impact the decision to expand on the MakerBot partnership? What were the deciding factors? 

We’d always had the intention of expanding our 3D printable offerings to other original shows, and the incredible response from fans has helped us to decide what types of objects people are most interested in printing.

Why did you decide to tap Thingiverse as the go-to source for this activation?

Thingiverse is currently a very robust platform not just for sharing 3D models, but it also gives us a direct pipeline to this growing community of enthusiasts. We now have the ability to easily let our thousand-plus followers know when we release new models or make improvements or modifications to existing ones.

What have been some of the key takeaways since the MakerBot launch at CES?

We’ve gotten a lot of useful feedback from our fans on Thingiverse, and are starting to tailor our offerings to help cater to what people want to see us do. We’ve also modified some of the models to make them easier to print.

How can brands incorporate 3D printing campaigns to further boost audience engagement?  

The nature of Syfy’s content and fan base is such a perfect fit for this technology, so we jumped into this space at a bit of an advantage. Our goal is to engage our fans in new and innovative ways. Looking around our own offices, we saw nearly everyone’s cubicle had some sort of tchotchke (or collection of them) representing their favorite TV show, movie or sports team. We believe that putting the ability to print these items out themselves in the hands of our fans is pretty powerful.

What kind of commitment can people expect with Syfy and 3D printing moving forward?

What we’ve shown at CES and Silicon Valley Comic-Con is just the beginning for us. We have plans to make more printable models from more of our shows as the year goes on.