Nightcap and Ayzenberg Group, as part of, won in multiple categories at this year’s Clio Entertainment Awards. The organization took home one gold, two silver and three bronze Clio Entertainment awards, given in recognition of excellence, creativity and innovation in advertising, design and communications across a variety of mediums. This is the second year in a row that the network has been honored with multiple Clio awards.

Co-Chief Creative Officers at Matt Bretz and Gary Goodman pointed to a dedication to using data to understand trends and fandom—as well as the support of longtime partners—as underlying factors behind this year’s winning entries.

“For the first half of my career, I did pretty well going with my gut because that was all we had,” Goodman said. “I see the even higher rate of success we’ve had at this year’s Clios as a reflection of the power of our data science to tell us what’s on trend, in combination with great clients like Xbox.”

Ayzenberg Group won gold and silver in the voiceover and gameplay trailer categories, respectively, for the Minecraft on PC Game Pass campaign. And in the visual identity category, Ayzenberg Group took home the silver for the Xbox Design Lab campaign and bronze for Xbox’s 20th anniversary promotion.

“One of our strengths is integrated storytelling which, of course, demands excellence at every touchpoint where fans meet brands,” Bretz said. “So it’s especially gratifying to have wins across the visual identity, social media and trailer categories for Xbox.”

Nightcap, whose tagline is “Work That Thinks,” took home bronze Clios for social media and CG work on game titles Apex Legends Mobile and Rocket League Sideswipe.

“I’m so proud of our team at Nightcap for these two Clio wins,” said Scott Cookson, EVP and executive creative director at Ayzenberg Group. “Their endless passion for the work and tireless drive to be the best in the industry is inspiring.”

Nightcap Director of Strategy Rebecca Baroukh also spoke on the announcement. “These wins are not only a testament to our strong collaborative relationship with our partners but also our incredible team,” Baroukh said. “They have worked tirelessly over the last year to create thoughtful work that clearly resonates with our audiences and Clio’s judges alike!”

Those partners and key people include, but are not limited, to Mojang Studios, Xbox Marcom and the PC Game Pass team, Psyonix, Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Fergus Lynch, Sam Brody, Craig McNary, Abhi Shah, Jessica Freeman, Omar Smith, Egil Gloersen, Lauren Schuur, Emily Orrson, Tom Stone, Maggie Adams, Ryan Zhao, Tim Coombs, Coco Luk, Josh Munsee and Tripleclix.