To promote the upcoming Rampage film, Twitch hosted a livestream of popular creators playing arcade games on a giant controller.

A “Big Meets Bigger” event took place on Monday, streaming from a Twitch studio in London. A retro TV was mounted inside a frame, decorated to look like a broken brick wall. Twitch Partners Stodeh and MissEllaCronin had to work together atop a seven-foot-long game controller, as the joystick and buttons were too big for one person to manipulate by themselves.

Until now, marketing for Rampage has focused not on its gaming origins, but on the film’s action and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, its A-list star. The Twitch event does, however, tie into the film’s ongoing theme of “big.”

“We’ve been working with Warner Bros. for the last couple of years on their slate and are always looking for a fresh approach to how we spotlight their films,” Adam Harris, Twitch’s director of custom solutions, Europe told AListDaily.

During the event, Stodeh and MissEllaCronin used the giant controller to play the original Rampage. Audience members interacted with the stream via chat, adding challenges like playing behind their back or while wearing goggles that obscured their view.

“Big Meets Bigger” will be streamed again April 10 in two regions outside the US and narrated in their native languages. For the Asia-Pacific region, a replay of the event will be narrated in Chinese by Twitch partners 殺梗 (Xargon0731) and 優格 (yogurtlin1010). In Latin America, the stream will be narrated in Spanish by users DuendePablo and Gonchotwm.

Streaming from Stodeh’s Twitch channel on Monday, the Big Meets Bigger event garnered over 4.7 million views. MissEllaStodeh streamed behind the scenes footage of the event, which garnered an additional 685,000+ views.

Warner Bros.’ Rampage film was inspired by an arcade game of the same name, first released in 1986. The film continues an ongoing trend of adapting video games for the big screen, from Tomb Raider to Tetris.

For Harris and his team, however, the Rampage arcade game was more of a bonus than the point of the activation.

“It isn’t about the game,” he said. “It’s about the Twitch audience. The challenge was to engage the Twitch community in a meaningful way that they would interact with and appreciate. The giant controller achieved this by letting our community experience a unique approach to playing games while featuring creators they know in a live environment. It also featured the ‘big meets bigger’ messaging that tied in with the movie campaign. The fact that the game could be utilized was a bonus that completed the narrative.”

In the last year, Twitch executed creative campaigns for films including Alien Covenant, BaywatchJumanji and Tomb Raider.

Warner Bros. recently promoted Rampage with an AR app that inserts one of the film’s three raging monsters into real-life environments. Fans were invited to film interactions with the AR creatures for a chance to win a trip to the Rampage premiere, where they would meet The Rock.