Amazon was voted the “most liked” brand by consumers in a recent survey by Morning Consult and Public Affairs Council.

A survey of US consumers conducted between March 13-15 found that among 15 brands, Amazon was by far the most liked with a net score of 44 percent. This is twice as high as the next most liked brand—Google—which earned a net score of 21 percent.

Rounding out the top five most liked brands are General Mills (10 percent), Sony (five percent) and UPS (four percent).

Tech giants like Amazon and Google have been under government and public scrutiny over brand safety, alleged censorship and data privacy concerns, but the survey shows consumers remain loyal overall.

Amazon shares dropped two percent on Thursday following a Twitter post by President Trump criticizing the company. The company may be relieved to know that, at least with these survey respondents, they are still in the public’s good graces.

Tom’s of Maine received a net score of zero, as two percent of respondents named it their most and least liked brand. Sadly for Goldman Sachs, not one respondent named it their favorite brand on the list.

Trump Hotels, meanwhile, was voted the least liked brand by 30 percent of respondents and the most liked by only one percent.

Digging deeper for political bias, the survey also looked at voter affiliation. Even among those who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 US Presidential election, only four percent listed Trump Hotels as their most liked brand, while six percent named it their least favorite.

Unsurprisingly, no respondents that voted for Hillary Clinton listed Trump Hotels as their favorite, with 52 percent listing it as their least liked brand.

Tobacco brand Philip Morris is only disliked slightly less than Trump Hotels, with a net score of -15 (one percent “most liked,” 16 percent “least liked.”). Despite Americans moving away from cigarettes and tighter regulations, the US tobacco industry relies on a smaller group of loyal customers, it seems, as revenue is soaring.