In this episode, Andrea and I discuss how she came to be the CMO of Ally, her approach to creating the brand, and how Ally is leaning into their role as a disrupter in the category to address pain points in the financial industry. Andrea also outlines how Ally impacts women’s sports, why that investment is so important for the future, and why it’s so important to her. They talk about having courage as a marketer, the importance of being willing to do the right thing, and why companies need to understand the weight of their marketing dollars.

Andrea Brimmer is widely recognized as one of the country’s most innovative and effective marketing leaders. According to her, the secrets are collaboration, passion and openness. At Ally, Andrea has a professional platform that intersects with her personal passion and uses that unique privilege to make a real difference in the world.

 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Ally is showing up in authentic ways and changing the way people feel about their finances
  • The responsibility of banks in financial and social inclusion
  • Why Andrea considers Ally one of the most tremendous success stories in American Business History

 Key Highlights

  • [01:30] Being on Michigan State’s first D1 women’s soccer team
  • [02:30] Where Andrea got her start in her career and how she landed at Ally
  • [05:15] The narrative of short CMO tenures and the secrets to her success
  • [08:00] Modulating between being a wavemaker and a wave rider
  • [10:00] Allys transition to becoming a change-maker
  • [12:30] How Ally is making an impact on women’s sports
  • [18:00] The Diversity and Inclusion strides Ally is making
  • [21:50] How Andrea found bravery as a leader
  • [23:50] The impact of losing her brother
  • [25:50] Learning to enjoy the ride
  • [27:00] How brands show up in culture and what that means
  • [29:15] Brands to watch
  • [31:00] The changing role of the CMO and how that impacts the industry
  • [32:00] The next wave and how to market marketing

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