TAZO is hosting an overnight experience called “Camp TAZO” for its second year. Led by rapper and record producer RZA, the camp will lead aspiring creators through inspirational workshops with guided creative prompts, and plenty of tea. The camp will take place in RZA’s home town of Staten Island, New York in February 2020.

TAZO’s inspiration for the sleepaway camp came from the tea brand’s commissioned study that found 75 percent of Americans wish they could get out of their comfort zones but don’t know, how. The study also found that 72 percent regret not trying something new versus trying and failing.  

During the immersive two-day camp, RZA will guide campers through a series of activities meant to unlock mental and creative enlightenment. For a chance to participate, participants must submit a three-minute video application about the barriers they face when exploring new creative ideas and what they hope to get out of Camp TAZO. Additional requirements include submitting links to recent works and telling TAZO which tea blend you’d be and why.

Bringing back its camp activation for a second year marks TAZO’s move to strengthen ties to its younger audience and differentiate itself from other tea brands in an industry where interactive experiences are scarce. 
Last year, as part of its “Brew the Unexpected” campaign, TAZO brought on former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Alyssa Edwards to be the brand’s inaugural camp counselor for the first camp activation, which took place in Austin. TAZO’s partnership with Edwards and its “Brew the Unexpected” campaign marked its first big marketing push since being acquired by Unilever in 2017 for $384 million.