Hendrick’s Gin is asking bartenders to record themselves making a cocktail using Hendrick’s while telling a story about a bartender friend, as part of a new initiative called “Pour it Forward” meant to support the bartending community amid COVID-19. Hendrick’s Gin parent company, William Grant & Sons, will give each bartender who makes a video, including friends that the videos are dedicated to, $200 from its Fast Fund.

Three national Hendrick’s Gin brand ambassadors kicked off the cause-related campaign with videos featuring mixology demonstrations and a toast to a bartender friend. The goal is for bartenders to nominate friends to “pour it forward” and create their own video.

To fund the campaign, Hendrick’s Gin launched an ecommerce gift shop selling branded novelty items including teacups, glass sets, a penguin pourer and a punch bowl. All proceeds from the sales will support “Pour it Forward.”

Hendrick’s will pay up to 150 bartenders to participate in the campaign, with hopes that sales from the “tiny shop” will enable it to support additional bartenders. As of now, 12 bartenders have agreed to participate.

In early April, Hendrick’s Gin announced that, with the help of distilleries in Scotland, Ireland and New York, its parent company would supply 5 million liters of ethanol for the production of hand sanitizer to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Hendrick’s said the profits from the sale of the ethanol will be reinvested into future coronavirus relief efforts.

As a result of extended stay-at-home orders in some states, restaurants and bars remain closed, leaving members of the hospitality industry out of work. Many spirit brands have stepped in to provide financial relief. Grey Goose recently announced it was hiring bartenders for a new social media video series called “House Pour.” Each video will show a bartender from around the world demonstrating how to mix up their favorite cocktail. Through a swipe-up link on the videos, viewers can donate to the US Bartender Guild, Tales of the Cocktail Foundation or Another Round Another Rally.

Other brands have donated directly to bartender organizations. Parent company of Jonnie Walker, Diageo donated $100,000 to the US Bartender Guild, Molson Coors donated $1 million to the same group and Guinness donated $500,000 to the Guinness Gives Back fund.