IKEA and Sonos have created an immersive theater in London called “The Sound Affect” for a fantastical walk-through experience that shows attendees how sound affects their surroundings and emotions. The activation follows the brands’ recent release of WiFi-enabled SYMFONISK speakers, a table lamp and multipurpose bookshelf which IKEA and Sonos created together.

The theatre experience is set to take place in London at Phonica Records where guests will embark on an explorative journey in a multi-sensory narrative led by SYMFONISK speakers. Each space within “The Sound Affect” represents a specific part of the human brain, described as such:

“As interactive brainstems come to life via light and sound, a cast of surreal characters interacts with participants to heighten emotion of the space—playing on the intricacies of the mind and the psychological state elicited in each room […] On returning to the lab IKEA scientists bring you back to reality and, feeling fresh and enlightened, you can then relax and discuss the unique experience in the tranquil atmosphere of the Ikea Symfonisk lounge.”

To get a better feel for the products, guests can also drop by the IKEA Sound Lounge to demo the SYMFONISK speakers and listen to music. The activation takes place between September 27 and 30, and guests are encouraged to sign up for time slot to fully enjoy the experience.