In today’s ever-growing digital, world fame has many faces. Logitech’s latest campaign “Defy Logic” is a testament to the importance and influence of creators. Together with Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and self-love advocate Lizzo, the Swiss-based brand is inviting the next generation of creators to challenge the status quo and rethink how they work, create and play.

The campaign’s 90-second anthem video, set to a snippet of Lizzo’s new song “Special,” shows how popular creators including NFT artist Defaced, comedian and chess champ Elsa Majimbo and 15-year-old fashion designer and entrepreneur Kheris Rogers are pushing the boundaries in their respective fields using Logitech’s new digital pen and gaming keyboard.

In the video, a Met Gala-ready dressed Lizzo introduces the viewer to a whole new digital world through her Logitech StreamCam Webcam. In one scene, beauty influencer Bretman Rock hosts a livestream as the words “This is a full-time job” appear. When live code artist and producer DJ Dave is shown coding via her Logitech keyboard, the brand reminds us that, “This is an instrument.” And as TSM gaming creator Danucd competes during an esports tournament, Logitech says, “This is an athlete.”

“As the lives of our consumers and customers evolve, so does their mindset. Defy Logic celebrates everyone courageous enough to challenge the old logic of the past and enables those who prove that passions can turn into careers, careers don’t require offices and art doesn’t require a canvas,” said Najoh Tita-Reid, global chief marketing officer for Logitech.

The “Defy Logic” campaign will run across cable, connected TV, online video, out-of-home and on digital and social platforms.

According to Logitech’s research, Gen Z are expressive, style-conscious and live life by their own rules. Some of the company’s latest products feature a retro feel and fun colorways to appeal to the young generation. For example, its new wireless Pop Keyboards include keys that tap into the addictive typing ASMR phenomenon, five of which are programmable emoji keys. The Logitech Pop Mice features comfortable buttons and shortcuts for muting your mic, snipping your screen and sending emojis.