The Macallan has launched its first global campaign in the distillery’s 194-year existence. “Make the Call” is a cinematic campaign that, for the moment, takes a step back from Macallan’s immersive marketing strategy in favor of emotional storytelling.

“Make the Call” tells the story of a man who takes a literal leap of faith off the top of a mountain. He falls for what seems like an eternity through clouds and storms before his arms transform into wings. Just before he hits the ground, the man soars into the air—validating the risky jump and frightening journey.

Macallan says that the man’s story is a visual metaphor. “Make the Call” was designed to offer encouragement to “a new generation of consumers who are faced with increasingly complex and often daunting life decisions.” Luckily for young consumers, trying single malt whisky won’t hold the same risks as leaping off a cliff.

While audiences will view the campaign without the aid of fancy gadgets, that’s not to say that this 90-second film isn’t high tech in itself. “Make the Call” used matte paintings created using VR headsets. In addition, the production was the first to use motion capture inside a wind tunnel. The campaign will roll out nationally across digital and social channels.

Macallan went all out for this campaign, enlisting Oscar-nominated cinematographer John Mathieson (Gladiator) and director Juriaan Booij, who works with RSA Films.

“The launch of our first ever global advertising campaign marks a new chapter in the long and illustrious history of The Macallan,” said Paul Condron, global brand controller for Macallan.

2018 has already been a big year for the legacy brand, having launched a new Distillery and Visitor Experience in June. An experiential marketing campaign was launched to commemorate the milestone that featured 4D group virtual reality.

“The Macallan Distillery Experience” was erected at Grand Central Station in New York City for two days in July. The installation allowed visitors aged 21+ to “visit” the new Speyside, Scotland location by stepping into a 15x15x15-foot booth. An in-person guide highlighted the new distillery and its estate as 360-degree videos were projected around the audience. Wind and scent diffusion were added to complement the footage. Guests could choose which part of the distillery they wanted to learn about by swiping in mid-air.

For those unable to attend in person, The Macallan offered a virtual experience as well. “The Macallan Distillery Experience” was available for viewing on mobile phones or desktops, through social media, or at select wine and liquor retail stores, bars and restaurants using a VR headset.

Macallan Manor was a similar multi-sensory, multi-room experience which toured nine cities across the U.S. The experience recently concluded in Los Angeles at the famous Greystone Mansion.